Chrome Mobile

Chrome may be made by Google, but you can choose to search with another provider if you wish

ACU The BasicsChrome, the built in browser on almost all Android devices, is Google's home-built browser for the mobile web. Google started packaging Chrome with Android so that users could have a more unified experience switching back and forth between their mobile and desktop browsers. One of the biggest features of the browser is that you can search directly from the address bar, much like you can on its desktop counterpart. Chrome makes it extremely easy to customize almost every aspect of how the mobile browser works, just like your full browser on your computer.

One of the easiest customizations to the browser is the ability to change the search provider that the application uses by default.

How to change your default search engine in Chrome

Chrome Overflow Menu

1 . Tap on the Overflow menu button in the top-right corner of the app, which will drop down a menu. Depending on if you have any tabs open or not, the menu will list different choices.

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2 . Tap on the Settings button, which will launch you into the main settings menu.

Chrome Settings

3 . Under the Basics section, tap on the Search engine button. The search engine that is currently selected as the default is written in a smaller font under the button text.

4 . Now that you are in the selection menu, you can select from five different search providers. You can choose from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and Aol. Google is set as the default search engine (of course) on Chrome, so you will have to manually go into every one of your devices if you do not want them to use Google at all.

One thing to know is that changing your default search engine in Chrome does not change Google Now or Google Search as these will always run your queries through Additionally, if you are using Google Chrome Beta, the instructions are exactly the same but the menus will look slightly different from the picture above.