How to cancel fuboTV

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Starting your fuboTV subscription may have only taken seconds, but canceling your fuboTV account can be a bit more perplexing. That's because where you signed up for fuboTV has an impact on how you have to cancel your account. There are different steps to take if you're canceling an account that you started on a Roku device as opposed to one that was started on an Apple device or at fuboTV's own website.

If it's time to get rid of your fuboTV membership, you've come to the right place. We even have a few excellent suggestions below on the next streaming services you should consider trying out. The following sections will guide you through canceling your fuboTV account based on where you signed up. Of course, you'll want to remember that if you're currently on a fuboTV free trial, canceling your trial will end your ability to access fuboTV immediately.

Best VPN for fuboTV

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A Virtual Private Network (VPN) works by obscuring your IP address and routing your online activity through servers in other countries or locations. This makes it so that your internet traffic appears as if it's coming from an alternate location rather than your home or wherever you're watching fuboTV. A VPN can be especially helpful when you're traveling or vacationing overseas and still want to stream content that's only intended for audiences in your home country.

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ExpressVPN lets you watch fuboTV from anywhere in the world! Obscure your IP address and browse the web anonymously for as low as $6.67 monthly.

On the fuboTV website

Anyone who signed up for fuboTV directly on the fuboTV website can follow these steps to cancel their account:

1. Sign into your account at fuboTV and select a profile


Source: fuboTV (Image credit: Source: fuboTV)

2. Click the Profile dropdown button on the top right corner of fuboTV and select 'My Account'


Source: fuboTV (Image credit: Source: fuboTV)

3. On the 'My Account' screen, click 'Subscription and Billing'


Source: fuboTV (Image credit: Source: fuboTV)

4. Select 'Cancel Subscription' at the bottom of the page


Source: fuboTV (Image credit: Source: fuboTV)

5. Click 'Complete cancellation' or 'Pause subscription'

FuboTV allows you to put your subscription on hold for up to three months if you don't want to fully cancel!

Cancel 2

Source: fuboTV (Image credit: Source: fuboTV)

6. Turn down the deal and select 'Cancel subscription'

You may see a special offer appear which asks you to stay subscribed at a discounted rate. Click 'Cancel subscription' to continue through to the final confirmation page.

Cancel 5

Source: fuboTV (Image credit: Source: fuboTV)

7. Success!

You should see a confirmation indicating that your fuboTV subscription has been successfully canceled. After this step, you can participate in a small survey to let fuboTV know why you canceled and potentially help improve the service for future subscribers.

Cancel 4

Source: fuboTV (Image credit: Source: fuboTV)

On your Roku

If you started your fuboTV account using a Roku streaming device or Roku smart TV, you'll need to unsubscribe through Roku instead of through fuboTV. You can do this in two different ways: on your Roku device or at Roku's website.

Online at

1. Visit the Subscriptions page on Roku's website and sign in when prompted

2. Click 'Unsubscribe' beside your FuboTV plan to cancel your subscription.

Roku Iab Subscription Cancel

Source: fuboTV (Image credit: Source: fuboTV)

3. Select 'Yes, Unsubscribe' to confirm your cancellation

Roku Iab Subscription Cancel

Source: fuboTV (Image credit: Source: fuboTV)

Until your current service period expires, Roku also gives you the option to Renew your subscription directly on the Subscriptions page.

On your Roku device

  1. On your Roku remote, press the Home button
  2. Use the arrow keys and hover over the fuboTV app
  3. Press the Star button on your Roku remote to open the Options menu
  4. Click 'Manage subscription' to view your renewal date and additional options
  5. Select 'Cancel subscription' to unsubscribe
  6. Confirm your decision by clicking 'Cancel subscription' on the resulting popup
  7. Click 'Done' to dismiss the confirmation message

How to cancel your fuboTV subscription on an iPhone, iPad or iPod

  1. Visit the Settings app on your device
  2. Click on your Apple ID at the top of the screen
  3. Click 'Subscriptions'
  4. Locate fuboTV in your list of subscriptions and select it
  5. Click 'Cancel Trial' or 'Cancel Subscription'
  6. Select 'Confirm'

How to cancel your fuboTV subscription on Apple TV

  1. Visit the Settings section on your Apple TV
  2. Click 'Accounts' and then select 'Manage Subscriptions'
  3. Select 'fuboTV'
  4. Click 'Cancel Subscription' to end your membership

What's next?

While fuboTV is a great live TV streaming service, there are several other excellent options to consider as well. If the cost of fuboTV was an issue, why not give Sling TV or Philo a shot instead? Sling TV starts at just $35 per month and lets you add on additional channels for a small fee each month. Meanwhile, Philo is only $20 per month and includes over 60 live TV channels with your subscription!

Start streaming your favorite TV channels live with Sling TV! Plans start at just $35 per month, and you can easily add on additional channels for more to watch whenever you'd like. Sling even offers some enticing deals for new members that could save you on your first month of service or on a streaming device!

Then again, if cost wasn't why you canceled fuboTV, you may want to look into YouTube TV or Hulu with Live TV which offer live TV streaming at the same monthly cost of $64.99.

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