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How to block calls on the Samsung Galaxy S6

More and more of us are getting rid of our landlines and turning to our smartphones as our only connection. But that means the spammers and scammers and robo-calls follow. (And just wait until election season.) So there are any number of reasons why you might want to not just reject a caller, but block that number outright. And it's pretty easy. Samsung refers to its call blocking as "rejection," so we'll be using that term interchangeably with "block."

And there are a few ways to block calls on the Samsung Galaxy S6. Let's rap.

Show me how to block calls on the Samsung Galaxy S6!

Block from an individual caller

Block calls on Galaxy S6

This one's probably the easiest. Say you get a call from a telemarketer and want to block that number. Go into the phone application and choose the Call Log. Tap on the number you want to block. Choose "More" in the top right corner, and then "Add to auto reject list."

That's it. No muss, no fuss. If you want to remove a number from that auto reject list, just do the same thing and choose "remove from auto reject list."

The auto-reject list

The second way to block calls is from the settings of the phone app itself. From anywhere in the phone app — the dial pad, call log, wherever — choose "More" in the top-right corner, and then "Settings." The second option in the list should be "Call rejection." That's where we're headed. So, tap. Now tap "Auto reject list."

From here you can enter a phone number manually, or there are shortcuts to the call log and to your contacts. Any numbers that you've previously rejected will appear here as well, so it's an easy place to remove folks from the rejection list if you want.

Block all unknown callers

Block unknown callers on GS6

And there's a third option here that deserves mention on its own. In the "Auto reject list" is an option for "Unknown callers." Toggle this to on and you'll no longer be bothered by callers who block their incoming number.

Be careful with this option, though, as there are are some places of business that legitimately block their numbers, and this could lead to you missing calls from someone you actually want to talk to.

  • "Let's rap"? The 60s called, they want their language back.
  • Hey, you don't like what an author writes? Great! When will be seeing your own blog, with hip, up to date slang?
  • Wow, take a joke.
  • When I had my other phone and tryed that on Verizon it would not block calls even tho it could on phone Verizon has call block blocked has to go thru them. Of course one has to pay extra for that not sure they are still doing it that way or not. Posted via the Android Central App
  • If you want to reset the phone or install a custom rom, can you back these up and then restore them?
  • You have to back up your Samsung account first. Brought to you by the Fantastic Note 4
  • I never really had a need for this till I started getting more than a few calls from telemarketers every week. I own a Nexus 5 and was surprised to learn that there is no direct or simple way to block numbers like above. Would be really helpful if you guys could do a 'how to block calls on nexus devices' article.
  • AC folks can do a much better write up than this, but in a nutshell...
    - Create a phone contact called "Dirty Rotten Spammers" or something like that.
    - While viewing contact, click on menu on upper right of screen and select "All calls to voicemail"
    - After receiving a call from an telemarketer, add their phone number to the "Dirty Rotten Spammer" contact. You'll never have your phone ring again from them. Note: I've been using this process for years and rarely get a voice mail from a telemarketer, but understand that it's possible you'll be dealing with voicemails as a side effect of this method.
    Anyone with better ideas for Nexus owners?
  • I have my job blocked!!! It's my older, 2nd job, I don't like them anymore. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Another option is to block ringing & notifications for calls, emails, or messages by using the Do Not Disturb feature and setting it up to Allow Exceptions for all contacts. This effectively blocks interruptions by anyone but your contacts (or optionally, your Favorite contacts). All of this is easy to do, and can be found under Settings\Sounds & Notifications\Do Not Disturb\Allow Exceptions.
  • Just install Mr. Number...
  • Speednut i tried your option and on the s6 there is not an option to send straight to voicemail. I am really frustrated that this is not an option anymore because i used to do this with my older phones, why not this one? Any other suggestions?.. think I'll try that app that was suggested. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Mr. Telephone is awesome! Thank you for the suggestion ☺ Posted via the Android Central App
  • Why isn't "reject all incoming calls" an option like it is for other phones?
  • When I click more on the option on the individual number I only have send number....not the add to auto reject list you have said???
  • I bought a Samsung S6 Galaxy phone. None of the ideas to block incoming numbers work on this phone. Before I had a Windows 8 phone and it worked perfectly, however, my company required a Samsung or Apple phone. so I was forced to change.
    The camera on the S6 is outstanding.
    The first one had a great range. Then the Cell Phone Antenna failed, it took a couple days to get it straightened out and replaced even though the phone was a month old.
    Texting is not as good as the Blacberry was.
    This is a computer that functions as a phone.
  • Okay great. You can block their calls. Now...for F sake, how do i stop these bastards from leaving a voicemail???? I want my phone to just hang up on these pricks!!!!
  • Yes i don't want a voicemail from them either. Anyone know how to turn this off?
  • If you use Google voice go in there and find a voice mail from the offend click block. 2 things will happen. 1 they will get the out of service message. And 2 the Google voice notification will be put in the spam box.
  • Reject calls does not work, I have tried it and yet they can still get through and leave voice mails. I can see it has been put on the reject list because when I go back to the number and select more: I can see it has the option of 'Remove from Auto reject list' Anybody can shed some light please or is the software faulty???