How to block and report players on PS5

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When you're playing games online on your PS5, almost nothing is worse than running into someone saying or doing something inappropriate. Whether it's in a party chat or display in their profile, there are some actions you can take to keep unnecessary comments out of your view and notify PlayStation to take action. Here's how to block and report players on PS5.

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How to block and report players on PS5

  1. To block a player on PS5, first select their profile.

  1. You may need to select their name from a game menu.
  2. Alternatively, you can check the PS5 Game Base.
  3. Once you've selected their profile, scroll to the left and select more.
  4. Select Block.
  5. Or, select Report.
  6. If you selected Report, you'll need to select the reason for the report.
  7. If you're reported something said in party chat, you'll be able to select an audio clip.

Blocked players cannot view your profile or posts, send you messages or invite you to a party. Meanwhile, if you want to report someone, there are a few different things that you can specifically report for breaking the PlayStation Network Code of Conduct, from their profile to something said in a PS5 party:

  • Something in a player's profile
  • Screenshots and videos
  • Broadcasts and broadcast comments
  • A Game Base group name, icon, or chat message
  • Something said in a conversation

Many of the best PS5 games currently available have an online mode of some kind, even if they aren't strictly multiplayer games. By reporting anyone breaking the code of conduct and blocking them, you'll help to make online play safer for yourself and others.

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