On November 29, an update to the Essential Phone's camera app finally added the greatly-anticipated portrait mode that's been introduced on so many other smartphones this year.

We've seen portrait mode implementations on devices range from awesome to hot garbage, and with the Essential Phone's camera already being one of the weaker ones on a flagship in 2017, expectations for its portrait offering were admittedly low.

However, now that people are actually getting the chance to test the feature out for themselves, initial impressions seem to be quite good.


Yup the phone is definitely going in the right direction software wise. I just hope we're rewarded for our patience! 🤣


Just tried it myself and it does work pretty well. Compression on regular pics is much better now too. Definitely going in the right direction!


Thanks for the couple pictures yfan. I like that you don't have to have a face present to get the effect. As I recall Apple or Pixel had some issue with this.


portrait mode is looking great.


If you've had the chance to mess around with this new feature, we'd like to know – How are you liking portrait mode on the Essential Phone?

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