Hop-On Questioning Sprint's Dismissal of Android

Hop-On, a company who has committed to Android, is questioning Sprint's lack of Android device and Dan Hesse's comments on Android not being ready. What does Hop-On blame? Sprint's fear of losing marketshare. They feel that Sprint invested a ton of money in their own network that they're fearful of losing all that hard work by going open source. Hop-on thinks Sprint is reneging on their promise as a founding member of the OHA. 

To quote:

"Why doesn't Sprint find a way to embrace the Android platform and find another revenue stream from it? Sprint has made it difficult to bring CDMA technologies from smaller vendors onto their network. CDMA is the best technology in the world, hands down. Hop-on could have brought in a low-end $10 CDMA, minimum, subsidized phone for Sprint, but they didn't allow it. Hop-on is embracing advancing technology, Sprint is not!"

We at Android Central believe Sprint desperately needs an Android device. Android could be your golden ticket Hesse, use it!

[Stockhouse via Android Community]

Casey Chan