Silencing all notifications

Have you ever tried silencing all notifications, noises, beeps and pings on your Honeycomb tablet? You can try the volume buttons all you want, but sometimes, sounds still slip through. In fact, if you're not really paying attention to the three locations from which you can do it, chances are you'll only be turning off some of the notifications rather then them all. Here is how you do it:

  • Go to Settings, then sound then volume (You can also hit one of the volume buttons, then press the sound icon on the screen)
  • Slide each of the three sliders all the way down
  • Go to Notifications and set you ringtone to silent
  • Go to Feedback and un-check 'Audible selection' as well as 'Screen lock sounds'

After that, your honeycomb tablet will be completely silent. Such odd settings and somewhat confusing for those who want things to be totally silent. One would think that disabling the volume alone would do the trick but it doesn't. However, now you know.