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Honeycomb SDK preview MIA?

While nobody is quite sure why (none of us, anyway), the Honeycomb SDK preview seems to have gone AWOL for most everyone looking for it.  We started to get tips and questions Saturday evening, then some chatter showed up about it in the Android-Developers Google group, and our friends over at Android Community noticed the same thing.  At first, you could uninstall the whole SDK and reinstall it all at once as a work-around, but now even that doesn't seem to be working.  Guess about what's happening all seem to center around Google's event on Feb 2, which should answer a lot of our questions about Honeycomb.  Phil will be there, and all of us will be watching and we'll keep you updated as it happens. [Android-Developers; Android Community]

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • I haven't looked around to much but I bet theres some non Android sites where the emulator is being reviewed and cast in a negative light performance wise. Maybe they wanted to stop the negative hype and show a full speed review at their event.
  • That's a good possibility, but going through all my RSS feeds, I have yet to really find an article or site for that matter, that has anything negative to say. None the less, interesting theory sir.
  • Good to hear. Like I say I had not looked around the net at the subject much yet but if the consumer feedback was anything like the comments flying around Engadget its possible in spite of good reviews the idea that its slow and clunky would spread. You know techies understand but the average user may get the wrong idea.
  • I wonder if it has something to do with the nook color being ported to honeycomb. After all a few more weeks in the hands of the Dev community and 3.0 would be on a lot of pads/tablets, gotta wonder if Google was worried of the upcoming sales of new devices would be hindered....
  • I doubt it. When the gingerbread SDK got released, it was ported. I didn't have an android at the time of froyo being released, but I hear the same thing happened there. I'm sure google expected ports to happen, I doubt they are worried about that too much. If they care, they probably realize they can't stop it. I doubt they care though.
  • This could have something to do with the recent discovery of phone support in Honeycomb. Using the SDK someone found that in addition to the standard table screen resolution, Honeycomb had support for phone resolution. The lock screen for Honeycomb on a phone looks similar to that on current versions of Android, except that the notification bar is white/grey, instead of the black bar we've seen in Gingerbread. There are rumors that Google is still working on the phone launcher part of Honeycomb and they may talk about it at this Wednesday's event.
  • Someone needs a slightly better ubuntu theme than stock :p Still, can't wait for the second. I have a class at 8am then my next ones don't start till 1pm. This is the first time I've been glad about it.
  • I like the stock. Hell it seems like its becoming popular across all distros. Well at least Dust was which they screwed up.
  • Honeycomb is choppy. I mean so choppy, that it should be in a class all of its own.
  • Prime example of what I"m talkin about. People go around spreading stuff like this above based on the emulator which just about everybody around the Android community, at least devs, know is slow.
  • What? I've seen the videos of it in action. They used the new tablet (forgot what brand) with honeycomb (as a shipping product) on the Today show this morning in a gadget review and it was choppy compared to samsungs tab and acient compared to the ipad. So it's not a's fact.
  • The Nook Color vid is probably what got the SDK pulled, it is very slow to respond in a lot of areas in the vid. This is the one area that Apple has an advantage, no one sees a thing running on anything other than what Apple releases and they only release it when it's running pretty close to perfect. I do like the fact that Android is open to the user/development community, but these builds getting ported to devices they have no business being on unfortunately can cast a bad light on the progress Google is trying to make. Google is in a tough spot going forward and I am glad they are having the reveal on Feb 2nd to allay any fears anyone has about Honeycomb not being up to par. With everything going on with each and every build in the development community, Google is going to have to be more on top of getting the right word out from now on.
  • Just updated the SDk on my other laptop and Honeycomb preview was still there...