Google I/O 2016

OK, we get it. As the SVP of Android, Chrome and Google Play Lockheimer should be amped about the things to come. We'd go as far as saying that's his job. So what makes this particular time a company executive praising his products worth talking about?

He's comparing the coming Pixel phones (all but confirmed to be coming on October 4) to Android's debut with the T-Mobile G1. And he's doing it in front of all the die-hard Android nerds who are going to hold him to it.

We have limited information about what's in store come October. We gather that the rebranding of Google's Nexus line with the Pixel name means a more active involvement from Google in all areas — from design and software to advertising and support. Think of them as HTC phones made for someone else like HTC used to do for HP and Palm — yes, your old Treo 650 was made by HTC. This means Google is the company who will see these phones succeed or fail. And Lockheimer is betting on success.

We have to wait a few more weeks to see the Pixel phones for ourselves. And we'll have to wait even longer to say anything about their success. In the meantime, we'll take all the teasing you care to give us, Hiroshi.