Sky: Children of the LightSource: thatgamecompany

What you need to know

  • Sky: Children of the Light is a social experience developed by thatgamecompany.
  • Pre-registration opened several months ago.
  • It's now available to play on Android devices.

A few months ago, we reported that Sky: Children of the Light, the next title from thatgamecompany, was coming to Android and was available for pre-registration. Today, we can confirmed that Sky: Children of the Light is now available for players on Android!

It's a free-to-play game, with some in-app purchases that allow you to customize your character in different ways. There seven different realms to explore, which can do alongside other players. It's worth noting that it requires your device to have Android 8.0 or higher installed.

Sky: Children of the Light is intended to grow and expand over time. thatgamecompany is known for developing visually moving games, such as 2013's Journey on PlayStation 3.

Soaring high

Sky: Children of the Light

Take flight to the heavens

Sky: Children of the Light allows you to reach soaring heights with other players, exploring regions both bright and dark. With seven different dreams to explore and seasonal activities being added, there's plenty to do and experience.

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