Earlier this month, Microsoft officially launched its Cortana digital assistant for Android devices, but apparently one feature of the app is causing lots of issues, at least for U.S. users. The company has now updated Cortana for Android, which among other things removes the "Hey Cortana" feature for the U.S. market.

"Hey Cortana" is supposed to allow users to speak into their phone to get answers from Cortana, but since the release of Cortana for Android many users have reported that it has broken their microphone and disabled the "Ok Google" hotkey, among other issues. It would appear that Microsoft is being safe and simply removed the feature. There's no word when it will return in a future update.

Besides the removal of "Hey Cortana", the updated Cortana app also has some unspecified enhancements for its call and text features, along with improvements in its app stability.

Via: Reddit