SwiftKey Hexy

If you're looking for a new launcher to try out, a new one's available today from a slightly unlikely source — keyboard guru SwiftKey. Hexy launcher — so named for the hexagon-style UI — comes from SwiftKey's "Greenhouse" initiative, which as you might expect plants ideas and with the idea of seeing what grows from them. The Greenhouse already has produced an experimental keyboard called Clarity that aims to correct phrases and not just single words.

Hexy, meanwhile, automatically organizes your apps on the home screen and tries to predict what you're going to use next, with the most frequently used making up a central hexagon. That's not exactly a new idea, but it's been interesting to see which launchers do it better. And SwiftKey's long been known for its word prediction. You'll also be able to quickly filter through apps with the search bar, and there are options for widgets as well.

Hexy is available starting today from the SwiftKey Greenhouse, which you can find here.