Google Cardboard

It feels like new apps are being added to the Play Store every day that support Google Cardboard. Some are simple passive viewers, some are action-packed space shooters, and some are simple educational apps you can share with your kids. There's no shortage of incredible ideas for this platform right now, and that's why we decided to ask you which apps were your current favorites.

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It turns out everyone is using VR in a slightly different way, and that's fantastic. Here are some of your favorites that are worth checking out right now.

  • YouTube (Free) — While it's a little on the barebones side, the Cardboard mode on the YouTube app makes it easy to watch any video through Cardboard. It's a whole lot more enjoyable when you watch videos that were recorded to take advantage of this particular feature, like 360 videos, but it works for anything and works with a simple button tap.

  • Cmoar Roller Coaster VR ($1.99) — There are plenty of free roller coaster VR apps in the Play Store, but there aren't a whole lot of good roller coaster VR apps in the Play Store. Cmoar has several tracks for you to check out, and each is impressively well assembled. This should absolutely be one of the first things you show someone new to Cardboard.

  • End Space VR ($1.09) — Tilt your head around to control a space ship in the middle of a massive combat scenario. Fly around to grab power-ups and blow up everything to move on to the next level. Simple, straightforward, and remarkably addictive. Add this to your arsenal if you aren't already playing it.

  • Sea World VR2 (Free with ads) — Underwater experiences are some of the coolest things you can do with a child in VR, because it creates the illusion that you can reach out and touch a world these kids only see by going to large aquariums and theme parks. Sea World VR2 isn't associated with the park in any way, but it gives you a cool way to share an underwater landscape and its inhabitants.

  • Google Cardboard Camera (Free) — What better VR experience could there be than one you've created yourself? Google's Cardboard Camera records a massive 360 panorama with audio and then lets you play it back in VR. The end result is an impressive still image that includes the audio from whatever you were doing at the time. It's fun to take, and fun to share, so you should probably give it a shot.

There are hundreds more Cardboard apps out there for you to try, but these are the ones picked by the readers. If you've got a Cardboard app you love, toss it in the comments below!