There's nothing like being a cool person on the internet and winning great gadgets while doing so. But with our Huawei/Honor Community Incentive Program, you can do just that! The basis is pretty simple: be an active, engaged and friendly member of the Huawei or Honor communities in our forums to win great stuff.

Here are the winners from November:

  • br77494 — Congrats, you've won a Huawei Mate 9!
  • gtt1 — Congrats, you've won an Honor Band Z!
  • editguy — Congrats, you've won an Honor Band Z!

We've already well into December, but there's still plenty of time to get to the top of the charts and win some amazing stuff! All you need to do is be active our Huawei/Honor communities!

Learn more about the Huawei/Honor Incentive Program!