Here are the Android 5.1 OTA update links, and how to use them

Now that Android 5.1 (still Lollipop) has been officially announced with a few new features and presumably a bunch of bugfixes, it's time for the updates to begin. As always, that starts with Nexus devices. And that means we can speed the updates along a little bit, if we're so inclined.

If you're the kind of nerd who doesn't mind a little sideloading or factory image action, go ahead and bookmark this page. We'll update it as the links roll in. Be sure to check your software versions before starting. And if you need help, hit up our Nexus forums!

Android 5.1 Lollipop OTA update links

Nexus 6

  • Android 5.1 LMY47M from Android 5.0.1 LRX22C

Nexus 5

  • Android 5.1 LMY47D from Android 5.0.1 LRX22C
  • Android 5.1 LMY47D from Android 5.0 LRX21O

Nexus 4

  • Android 5.1 LMY47O from Android 5.0.1 LRX22C

Nexus 10

  • Android 5.1 LMY47D from Android 5.0.2 LRX22G
  • Android 5.1 LMY47D from Android 5.0.1 LRX22C

Nexus 7 (2012, Wifi-only)

  • Android 5.1 LMY47D from Android 5.0.2 LRX22G

We'll add more OTA links as we get 'em. And thanks to everyone who's sent these in so far!

And now's a perfect time to remind ourselves that some of us are seasoned veterans and know what to do with OTA updates and factory image files. And that means it's up to us to help the next generation. So if your'e looking to update your Nexus device to Android 5.1 and need a little help, we recommend this guide to get you started:

Phil Nickinson
  • Curious to see where the Nexus 9 falls in this, as it hasn't been mentioned in any article yet...
  • Be patient it is coming. I am waiting for it too. Dirty flashed from the factory image to my Nexus 5 last night and love it! Project Butter on Lollipop Posted via the Android Central App
  • Same I found it funny that even the 7 got the OTA update before the 9. Maybe there is more inline for the 9 fixes because mine performs terrible as it stands on current version.
  • It's funny that so many people complain about performance, because I've never had any issues. I'm wondering if there's some common app that other people are using that I don't. Y'all are making me afraid to upgrade :)
  • In general. Slowness for keyboard to pop up to enter text, noticeable delay in opening of apps, I've had to do a factory reset twice so far to give temp fixes. Right now I don't really use it until some more patches hit.
  • Disable gesture on keyboard setting can help a bit. Posted via Android Central App
  • People are just more likely to go online to complain when something goes wrong than give praise when something goes right. Most of the issues are supposed to be due to dirty installs, bad apps, etc and a FDR resolves the issues in almost all the cases. The problem is that many people don't know how or don't want to do a FDR and many of those that do a FDR don't know how to troubleshoot bad apps so they just re-install everything then complain that a FDR is only a temporary fix. This happens with every update, not just Lollipop.
  • Fairly sure that people complaining about performance are experiencing memory leakage from the system process. On my Nexus 5 before the OTA was installed, 3 days after a cold reboot the system process alone took about 900MB of RAM. Then the system force closes a bunch of apps that perform way better when they're always on and in the background (like the IME/keyboard or even Facebook Messenger). My nexus 9 is experiencing the same kind of issue as well with 5.0.1, but the extra GB of RAM helps make it less noticeable by a bit,
  • You'll probably find there are a lot more nexus 7s out in the wild than 9s, which is why they have been prioritised. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I was one of the guys who sent you the link, hopefully you didn't get too spammed with so many of us.
    It's transferring the file to my phone as I type this.
  • Flashed 5.1 to my Nexus 5. I'm in love with this phone again. It's a huge step forward in terms of fluidity and performance. Pretty much back to Kit Kat levels but prettier!
  • I did the same. it's been an absolute pleasure. i see no reason to upgrade from my nexus 5 at this time. this thing will last me at least another year. i decided today that i'm holding out for my next phone to have usb 3.1 type-c port. #nexus2016ftw.
  • *Early* rumors say that this year's Nexus (2015) will be type C positive. Of course the rumors haven't settled on a manufacturer yet so this may not be true.
  • Type C positive? It sounds like your phone would need a penicillin shoot for that! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Just updated mine today. Not had much chance to try it yet though, so how it will be a smooth upgrade with few problems. Must admit I hate lollipop when it first came out but it is growing on me. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yeah no Nexus 6 update yet... I know it's just in my head but, it seems that my phone is just lagging like crazy.
  • When s5 got 5.1 ...i m w8ting ....
  • It'll come. I just got mine this morning. I love that Goog added "Hotspot" in the pulldown and it doesn't do that stupid "subscription check" now. I marked the date that my Nexus 10 got it and it was on March 19th. I figured my 6 couldn't be that far behind. It seems like it was almost a month when I got 5.0.1 on my 6 after my 10 too, but this time I wanted to mark the date to see exactly how far apart they'd be from ea other and to see if they'll be the exact time apart each time from here out. Via Nexus 6: "Takin updates for granted."
  • come to Daddy...Nexus 6...
  • radio restricted - what does that mean? Could it be t-mobile specific?
  • I'd like to know as well before I sideload this ota
  • When I enter the recover mode, all that I get is the android laying on its side with the words "No Command" below him. By bootloader is unlocked (I did that when I updated from KitKat to Lollipop). And whenever I reboot my phone, I see the little unlocked symbol.
    Does anyone know what is going on?
  • Your supposed to see that. You should really read one of the tutorials. They are short and sweet. Your almost there.
  • I followed the procedure, as linked in this article, and it did not work. Do you know of a better link where I might find the proper instructions?
  • Its pain to get in N5's recovery mode. So I downloaded twrp recovery and never looked back..! I feel u should do the same..! Check YouTube on how to download and install twrp recovery on nexus 5.
  • Do I need to root my phone?
  • Yes
  • Running into the same issue; posted it on the forum:
  • Okay, figured it out; for me it was a broken cable. good enough to make a connection and start up the process, not good enough to keep the connection alive for the couple of minutes required to complete the file transfer.
    Now using a better cable and the installation is running smoothly. Soon I will be enjoying 5.1 on my Nexus 5...
  • there's some official instructions for Nexus 5.. Basically - when you see the robot lying down, and "no command". First press the powerbutton and while holding that down, press once on volume up (and release volume up before releasing the power button..)
  • You my friend are my "Saviour"
  • hiiii i just root my phone but i do can't downlod os of android so help me plssssss
  • I feel that you should wait. It's not that big of a deal and it'll be directly from Google I'm not saying the link is not, but people can do all kinds of stuff with code. I know. I don't really feel anything about it I just like the one commenter who said that he "feels" that you should. Via Nexus 6: "Takin updates for granted."
  • Tap power and volume up
  • Note 4 Verizon. ...... Any day now Posted via the Android Central App
  • Note Edge Verizon... :| Posted via the Android Central App
  • We just got Lollipop, no way we are getting 5.1 anytime soon. Posted via the Android Central App
  • This ^ Posted via Android Central App
  • Is this just for the US version? Or will it work on all Nexus 5s?
  • I think this applies to every nexus 5 in the world since they all have one variant worldwide Posted via the Android Central App
  • I got it for mine in the UK. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Where dey nexus 7 2013 at doe Posted via the Android Central App
  • I know, I can't believe that the 2012 model is getting the update before the 2013. That's the opposite of how it normally works. I wonder what the reason is for that. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Of course there's a reason. Certain devices "need" the update to make them usable again. And there are probably more fixes for the devices having more trouble so those get rolled out first. At least that's what I believe is happening.
  • Lol. My Nexus 7 2013 turned into a laggy POS after 5.0.X. It DOES need 5.1. Haha. This thing has never been laggy, before. Posted via Android Central App
  • Just had to put a N7 2013 in the article photo.
  • I think it's better to wait for official OTA roll outa.. Since the link is ready, meaning the roll outs is imminent.. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Agreed. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yay! Downloaded and installing....
  • Did you get this OTA or downloaded the image?
  • Downloaded the ota file and sideloaded via adb
  • nexus 4 please...
  • I have no idea when its coming.. It needs to come fast though
  • Come on OTA Posted via Android Central App
  • Wasn't the T-Mobile Nexus 6 supposed to get WiFi calling in early 2015? Any chance this will be included in the 5.1 OTA update?
  • No it isnt, will be released soon OTA
  • "Wasn't the T-Mobile Nexus 6 supposed to get WiFi calling in early 2015?" Yes, they supposedly almost had it ready for 5.1. Native WiFi calling is being baked into Lollipop so any headset capable of using it should have it once released. The Nexus software isn't carrier specific so all Nexus 6s will have WiFi calling capability, whether you can use it or not depends on your carrier. "Any chance this will be included in the 5.1 OTA update?" No, that's most likely what 5.2 will be for.
  • gah, commmooooooon update for N6 Shamu to you too *splash*
  • my speaker phone stopped working after updating my nexus 5 to 5.1 ...
  • Did you get the official download OTA from Google or side load from a random link? Via Nexus 6: "Takin updates for granted."
  • Rocking 5.1 on my nexus 6, manually flashed the ota and everything feels awesome. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Me too, everything works like it should have before....
  • Is this safe to do on a T-Mobile Nexus 6? Will I still get updates when T-Mobile pushes them out? Will it interfere with the Wifi Calling update coming soon?
  • Yes, yes, and no.
  • please help! mine stops at 47% and says Signature file verification failed. how exactly did you get yours to work?
  • Did you modify your device or something? It worked without any issues to me. 1. I had to update the adb files first since I had the older version.
    2. Make sure adb devices recognizes my device.
    3. Adb reboot-bootloader
    4. Go to stock recovery and select apply update via adb
    5. Had to unplug and replug the USB cable
    6. Adb sideload Posted via the Android Central App
  • Nexus 6 OTA
  • I have done everything correctly on side loading the update. But when I copied the file name and entered, it says device not found. Help me
  • Hit me up on hangouts and ill help you
  • Thanks Phil, for the link. Sideloaded the OTA file. Posted via the Android Central App
  • This may be a dummy post, but I wanted to share. Since Lollipop 5.0, any OTA will fail if you are rooted. You can always unroot, accept the OTA and re-root. However, that's tedious. In case anybody wants to know, here are the basic steps to manually flashing any new Android update through ADB/Fastboot, without resetting your device, erasing userdata or internal storage. 1. Unzip the Google Image file and keep unzipping until you can see the following files: 1. bootloader.img (if it has a different name, rename it to make flashing easier)
    2. radio.img (if it has a different name, rename it to make flashing easier)
    3. boot.img
    4. recovery.img
    5. system.img 2. Connect your device to your computer and open a command prompt.
    3. Follow these steps to manually update: A. fastboot flash bootloader bootloader.img
    (if it isn't called bootloader.img, use the actual file name)
    B. fastboot flash radio radio.img
    (if it isn't called radio.img, use the actual file name)
    C. fastboot reboot-bootloader
    D. fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    E. fastboot flash boot boot.img
    F. fastboot flash system system.img
    G fastboot reboot A couple things....discard the userdata.img file and don't flash. It is a blank partition and will wipe all userdata and internal storage. If you already have a custom recovery, like Clockwork or TWRP, you shouldn't need to flash the stock recovery, though I usually do anyway and then reflash my custom recovery after updating. If you get an error message while flashing the system.img, you'll want to update your tools through Android SDK and ensure that your adb.exe and fastboot.exe files are up to date. After flashing the system.img, you may also need to re-root, but it's a nexus and should be relatively easy. I realize a lot of this may be common knowledge to some, but I wanted to share, in the hopes it may make life easier for someone. Hopefully, you can avoid accidentally wiping userdata....LOL Here's a link where much of this information was obtained: Good Luck!
  • That was really useful, thanks.
  • when i extract the zip file i have a few different bootloader files. bootloader .aboot, .rpm, .sbl1, .sdi, and .tz which one do i need to rename?
  • I'll probably flash mine tonight, so I can give you the specific file name, but look for an IMG file.
    It may even have the word SHAMU in it. You will want to unzip the main tgz file and then unzip the next file after that to get to the files you want to flash.
    I should have an update tonight.
  • 1. Unzip the tgz file
    2. Unzip the .tar file 1. The bootloader image is bootloader-shamu-moto-apq8084-71.08.img I renamed bootloader.img before I flashed. 2. The radio image is radio-shamu-d4.0-9625-02.95.img that I renamed as radio.img 3. Unzip the file and you'll have the remaining files you need to update to 5.1: a) system.img b) boot.img c) recovery.img
  • "Since Lollipop 5.0, any OTA will fail if you are rooted." That started with Kit-Kat. Does unrooting work with Lillipop? You had to flash back to stock on Kit-Kat.
  • Yes thanks G-luv, you too! Oh and I found the name...It's called "goStrap". I use it on both my e-reader and my phone. It definitely has stopped the dropping problem but probably just as importantly, it has given me back the use of my hand!!! They have a website but you can also get them at The Container Store. Hope this helps and best of luck!
  • Here's more OTAs.
  • Nexus 7, where are you!!?? Posted via the Android Central App
  • When are we getting Nexus 6 5.1 factory image? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Now....
  • Nexus 6 updated with sideload! Posted via my Nexus 6!
  • yyyyeeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Shamu to you too *splash*
  • please help! mine stops at 47% and says Signature file verification failed. how exactly did you get yours to work?
  • This may not resolve the issue, but make sure you have updated TOOLS AND PLATFORM TOOLS to the latest versions within ANDROID SDK. You want to make sure you are using the latest versions of fastboot.exe and adb.exe Good Luck.
  • Has anyone got the N6 to side load the OTA? Every time I try it gets to 47% then aborts install with error 7 system partition does not match contents of update zip package? Posted via THE Nexus 6!
  • hey...yup, ive tried several times to sideload and it fails. says failed to verify whole-file signature, signature verification failed, installation aborted.
  • Same here!!! android central should really say sumthin about this!!! it'll suck that i just formatted my Nexus 6 for nothing!
  • I side loaded the update last night with no issues. I did this from a macbook Posted via the Android Central App
  • a sideload does not reformat or wipe data...
  • I side loaded my Nexus 6 this morning. No problems. Completely stock from google play store. Posted via my Nexus 6!
  • So is mine. Never rooted or anything. It just keeps aborting install Posted via THE Nexus 6!
  • have you deleted a bunch of google apps? you can use wugs to flash a stock image. It will wipe your device though.
  • no but i have disabled a bunch of stuff that I don't use. could that be it?
  • try enabling the apps and then try to sideload.
  • I did that same issue. I think I'm just going to flash the new factory image when I get home. Just start fresh. Posted via THE Nexus 6!
  • I'm thinking about flashing a stock image and trying again. I may just have to bite the bullet and wipe the device.
  • Wondering if I should do that too. I keep getting a verification error. I haven't disabled any apps though that I know of, and I am totally and completely stock everything on my Nexus 6. Tried using the Nexus Toolkit to sideload the OTA but again, verification error. Super frustrating.
  • Welp tried unlocking and applying, same results. Tried to flash stock and do it again, and same garbage. I'm at a total loss here, have no clue what is going on but the OTA wont update.
  • Maybe its our devices lol who knows. Ghost in the code or something Posted via THE Nexus 6!
  • Is there something new? Posted via the Android Central App
  • 1) Try a new USB cable or two. 2) Are you rooted? If that's the case you'll have to unroot first. If that doesn't work then flash to stock before updating to 5.1 or flash a full 5.1 factory image with wipe disabled. 3) Have you frozen any apps? If you have then unfreeze them. If it still doesn't work then you may have to flash back to stock. 4) Are you using the correct OTA? The 5.0 to 5.1 update is different than the 5.0.1 to 5.1 update. Verify your current build number in Settings->About Phone and download the appropriate update. The N6 OTAs posted here are only for 5.0.1 (LRX22C) to 5.1 (LMY47*), if you're still on 5.0 (LRX21O) you'll have to update to 5.0.1 first then to 5.1 or track down a 5.0 to 5.1 OTA. 5) When in doubt, flash to stock.
  • Just are the Nexus 6 OTA files available if the factory image is still unreleased? I always thought the image would come first.
  • I don't think there is a pattern like that, sometimes they post the images later. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Must not be...I had just been under that impression. Thanks. I installed the OTA file earlier and all is humming along nicely; however, is the device protection feature just the device manager that has always existed? I don't see a menu set up option anywhere.
  • Where's my PE Moto X link?
  • pffffffft
  • Just a quick FYI for siedloading on a Mac. If you reboot into recovery from the terminal - once you get to the sideload menu unplung and then re-plug in the phone to make sure the device is recognized.
  • Exactly Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yeah good tip Posted via the Android Central App
  • im a newb at this stuff do i need to download all that other stuff to update with the zip file. I did this another time on a galaxy s4 but all i had to do was unzip the file on the phone. i have a nexus 6
  • You'll get an OTA prompt, to download and install, or you can go pound the check for updates button every twenty minutes. If you want to sideload the update there is a tutorial on AC that's pretty good. As always read a whole bunch before going and flashing or sideloaded anything. Shamu to you too *splash*
  • This may be a stupid question but will the N6 5.1 update work for the AT&T version of the N6? Im in the process of downloading the sdk files and the 5.1 update. If it wont work Im gonna cancel the downloads.
  • I updated mine last night with no problems. Got it straight from att Posted via the Android Central App
  • You got what straight from AT&T? The update or the phone? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Awesome. The links are probably fine as AC thank "the ones" who sent the links in, but will just wait for the OTA. Yaneva kno. Via Nexus 6: "Takin updates for granted."
  • I consider myself fairly technical (or rather did before today.) I was completely lost on the update via SDK. So much so that I was about to give up and wait for the alert. But WugFresh to the rescue. I'm in no way affiliated but i can't say how much easier that this was than any method I saw listed. If you get stuck, I can't recommend it more. So much so that I clicked on the PayPal link and donated... something I've never done before with "freeware." Now, I'm rocking 5.1. Hopefully it will bring some much needed Band 12 for me in Dallas which will hopefully solve my low signal battery drain issue. That was my only Nexus 6 complaint. If this is solved, that Note 4 I was eyeing can stay on the shelf...
  • Keep one thing in mind. High battery drain on low signal strength won't be cured no matter what hardware you use. Only way it might be cured is if someone writes an application that will put the phone in airplane mode below certain signal strength and check periodically ! Of course then you would lose use of your phone. I I realised this when my phone which normally did not need charging for more than 72 hours (I have very low usage) would completely drain in under 6 hours when traveling inter city.
  • Wow 5.1 does feel a lot faster and it looks like they did fix the memory leak. It used to LAG when opening up the task manager (forgot what it's called these days) as it loads instantly when tapping Square. Also switching in between apps is quicker too.
  • Your phone now has all 4 CPU cores active at all times with 5.1. Fuul quad core mode, and a huge performance boost Posted via the Note 4 or Tab S 10.5
  • Just waiting for the nexus 4 to get 5.1 and then smooth sailing.
  • verification failed and installation aborted, i can't figure this out!
  • I'm in the same boat. I've tried with bootloader locked and unlocked, I've tried the OTA downloaded from different sources and I've even made sure my ADB is 1.0.32. It will start to sideload but always fails at 47%. Guess I'll just have to wait for the OTA
  • I too experienced this. If you are using wugfresh nrt to download the file you are in big trouble. Even the downloaders built into the browsers sucks big time. Finally I used IDM to dowload the file/s and verified them against md5 check sum. Then everything went smoothly.
  • Any idea when the official OTA roll outs? Posted via the Android Central App
  • I was able to sideload 5.1 on my T-Mobile Nexus 6, everything is working smoothly! Took a few tries to get my device recognized by Windows while in sideload, drivers, but unplugging and replugging in worked after s few tries. Seems more smooth, faster... So far so good! Posted via the Android Central App
  • BE ADVISED, sometimes when trying to use the adb interface to load in recovery mode for the update, you will get a "no device detected" "or no device found" etc. When this happens the, adb devices, (command) will not find your phone in the recovery mode, this means that the recovery mode drivers are not being loaded and or are not present. The Google drivers I downloaded did not work! I had to find the Motorola drivers and then everything worked as it should! Just search for the "Motorola Mobile Device Manager" It will contain all the drivers and will even check for updates for some of the Motorola phones, and all should be good to go following the instructions. If the drivers do not want to load, while in the adb mode which tells you on the phone to send the file, unplug your phone from the computer and then plug it back in and it should try to load the proper drivers for the recovery mode. Best of luck!
  • Will the ota work on a Nexus 7(2012) that was rooted at one time?
  • No. I have the same model running running 5.0.2 and it is rooted. OTA update simply did not work. Failed every time. I am planning to restore factory image and then let OTA update it.
  • NOTE: I tried the Nexus 6 download above. I side loaded the file and everything worked but a Major problem came up in which I had to revert back to the LRX22C build to correct! The update above Totally killed my light sensor and my proximity sensor! I tried to upload to phone in different ways and NO GO! All I could do to get my light sensor and proximity sensor to work on my N6 was to revert back to the 5.0.1 and all was good!
    Anyone else have this problem??
  • I had the same problem, it's because I've got a screen protector. Removed the protector and it works fine, I had to revert back to 5.0.1. I raised a bug on the AOSP issue tracker which was closed saying it was the wrong forum????
  • Chris, there is a lot of misinformation about a screen protectors affecting the light and or proximity sensors. The N6 light sensor is located to the left of the top speaker, the proximity sensor is in top right corner of the top . The only way a screen protector be it film or glass will affect the sensors is if it has a bubble trapped in front of the sensor in question and or it shades either one because of the thickness and opaque quality of the film. I have never had a tempered glass screen protector affect any sensor and only one film type affect sensors on any cell I have used and every cell phone I have ever had has had screen protectors installed on day one of use!. The N6 proximity sensor is set to a 2 inch proximity by default. Im talking about a real bug in which the sensor test shows no output from either sensor once the 5.1 was installed. Report the bug using your cell phone, go to, Settings, About phone, and use the "Send feedback about this device" much easier and direct!
  • ADB has a tendency to open multiple instances. I use old time IBProcman to kill the redundant ones and it worked out well.
  • How pathetic the 2012 nexus 7 gets the update over the nexus 7 2013 wow ..smh Posted via the Android Central App
  • Can't wait to fix this nexus 9 so sad with its problems. I'm pretty impressed with the Nexus 5 on 5.1. Posted via the Android Central App
  • How can I get Android Lollipop for Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo.
  • Samsung Galaxy 5, just updated to Android 5.0. I loathe the color scheme, and the "negative colors" is just as bad. Gray tones, turquoise and orange on white background: who could ask for anything uglier? My search for instructions online to alter color scheme requires enabling Developer mode, which doesn't exist on my Verizon platform. Painful rude for 50+ eyeballs -- I want the black background I had in 4.x. Reverse reverse video is OK in the phone UI, but horrific for notifications or "photos". Any ideas?
  • N4 waiting for some Google love!!! This better fix the damn battery drain from 5.0.1!!!! Posted via Nexus 4
  • what happens if you update with ota links and then the ota is pushed by google? or would google not push them to devices with 5.1 installed?
  • You will not be prompted for an OTA update if you already have that update on your phone.
  • I just sideloaded the Nexus 6 OTA zip file. I ran into two issues. The first was my adb wasn't up to date, so I had to update my SDK tools until it finally got up to date. The next issue was the length of the file name. I renamed the zip file to, and the command adb sideload worked like a charm.
  • I have a question I don't have a nexus phone but I have a hydro life phone from metro PCs what can I do about my contacts it comes up unfortunately contacts stopped
  • Factory Reset > Sell > Buy Nexus 4
  • Hi, I nd some guide for my samsung s5 /900f its not a new piece bt I gt it through 2nd hand.The device is vry slow u c I can't afford a new 1.I hv uninstalled many apps n same result nw i want put all back to default BT I dnt knw hw pls help me@#£%& Posted via the Android Central App
  • And yet my Galaxy s4 is still running KitKat... *sarcastically claps* Posted via Android Central App
  • Better now.
  • Note 4 is a slow turd while on Lollipop. Constantly losing data signal, wifi dropping, battery draining, screen dimming, tons o' fun! Posted via my Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  • I'd be happy if my HTC One M8 got 5.0 instead of sitting on 4.4.4 Posted via the Android Central App
  • Just a heads up as I'm usually at the back of the line of OTA's, I just manually checked my nexus 7 2012 WiFi tablet and 5.1 popped up and is finishing up and downloading right now, I'm in Phoenix AZ here, if your looking for the ota, it might show up for you if you check!
  • There seem to be problems with OS X Yosemite following these directions. There's at leas one other androidcentral forum member with the same problem. First of all adb initially looses contact with the device as soon as it enters recovery mode. This can be taken care of by plugging it back in -- the transfer proceeds and installation begins but then it aborts like this: "installing update…
    verifying current system…
    system partition has unexpected contents
    E:Error in /sideload/
    (Status 7)" If I restart the device it just hangs at the (white on black) "Google" screen indefinitely. My first guess was that the OTA file I used was corrupted. But I downloaded it multiple times and tried the procedure again and again and always the same result. Can anybody help me figure out what I can do?
  • So, still nothing for N7 (2013)? Posted via the Android Central App
  • No updates for Nexus 4 - Guess the version has finally been dropped by Google :(
  • Reliable sources saying that google decided not to publish 5.1 for nexus 4. The reason is that this version has too many issues with radio and camera. Looks like the 5.0.1 is the end of its road.
  • Who inside google? At least say what team they are on. This is not reliable, this is just note passing at best and pure fabrication at worst. And if you say "android team" that means nothing as there are tons of android teams. Also if this is the case why wouldnt Google simply have an EOS statement.
  • Someone let me know when the link for the moto X appears.
  • I've had it for 15 mins and it has crashed my new phone. Lagged it every web page and also takes 20 seconds longer to turn on and off. ( which completely is ridiculous) and it keeps saying google play service isn't on my phone when I go to gmail. However this is not the case , I go into my apps and its there. I must now open it first before doing anything on my phone. Hope this gets fixed soon please. -wpg,CANADA
  • I have a nexus 7 2012 I just recently unlocked the bootloader and rooted, will I have to unroot/relock it before I update my tablet? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Any update for the new nexus 6 builds? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Android 5.1 is buggy in the loading gmail and chrome and other apps after lots of memory hogging apps are opened the screen is locked and reopened. However, the bug does not seem to bee consistent. I load my games in line and tsum tsum5 to ten chrome screens download a podcast play them on es file explore then sometimes after finished with all of that then arriving at destination I unlock my phone to see a half loaded app. Nothing in the app works and I have to load cards and kill it. Then I just kill all others try again in it works. I've been using phone nexus 6 64 GB since first week of January and only since install of 5.1 I have had problems. Previously with 5.0 and 5.01 if I load a lot of apps there is a slight slow down a Milli sec or 10 Milli sec. But once they are killed it was back to normal. Now apps freeze about twice a week.
  • Nexus 4 is here! Yay! Wonder if this will be its last official update? Boohiss! Posted via the Android Central App on N7 '13
  • 5.1 is working amazingly on my N5. Still waiting for N9 however. But mine runs great as it is and I don't mind waiting if it means a stable build. Posted via the Android Central App
  • No nexus 7 2013... Hopefully it'll just go straight to 5.1.1 soon. Still waiting for lollipop on my LG too. #FirstWorldProblems Posted via the Android Central App
  • My nexus 6 is on LMY47D, can I use this OTA to get on LMY47M?
  • I don't believe so. I'm not gonna try it... but if you do, let us know how it goes! ;-)
  • WRU Nexus 7 2013? :(
  • Hey AC, anyone verifying these OTA files? Just downloaded the Nexus 4 OTA and I think there are files missing.
  • Did an ADB sideload for N4. Guess there weren't files missing. So far so good!! Posted via the Android Central App
  • My Nexus 6 has been running 5.1 for weeks now with no issues, smooth as silk. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Upgraded from m8 to N6. M8 was 5.0.2, N6 got 5.1 the day I picked it up. 5.1 is vastly superior and I don't regret my decision. Posted via Thee Nexus 6
  • Tried the nexus 6 link and it doesn't work. I have LMY47I on my phone. Didn't know there was an M. Went to googles website and shows I being the last available update for the N6. Must have pulled the update Posted via the Android Central App
  • Strange that the Nexus 9 and 2013 Nexus 7 haven't been released yet. And with no explanations. What the hell, Google!
  • If anyone runs into problems applying the update zip to a rooted N4 ("/system/bin/process_32" has unexpected contents or any other error of the sorts while sideloading) like I did, this was the fastest and easiest way I got it working: 1) Update using the 5.0.1 factory image like you would normally (don't forget to remove the "-w" from the script!). The point being getting the system completely stock. I interrupted the first boot to avoid the "Android is upgrading" thingy which takes a looooong time, but I guess you can replace the reboot command with reboot into the bootloader in the script. 2) Reboot into (stock) recovery and sideload the update normally. (you may need to wipe the cache partition) Mine is applying ATM, but I suppose all root apps will stop working. I don't care. I'll flash TWRP again afterwards and - hopefully - get everything working again (SuperSU, Xposed, etc). AFAIK, there's no easy way, if at all, of applying a OTA zip without going all stock beforehand if you're rooted and using a custom recovery. As of this moment, I have no indication of data loss or any problems with the OTA zip whatsoever. Will update when it's done. Or, you can just wait for the factory image and run into the problems with root apps after having the system updated.
  • Update: It worked like a charm.
  • Nexus 4 link doesn't work for me.
  • Hi , my Nexus 5 skip D and went straight to LMY47I ...
    What do you say to that , and this was almost 2 weeks ago .
    I received it OTA ...
  • I'M looking for the ota for lollipop to update a used Galaxy S3. I'M not sure if it's possible But any guidance would be greatly appreciated! Any help? Posted via the Android Central App
  • If you use a screen protector DO NOT upgrade to 5.1. At least with the Nexus 6, the proximity sensor does not function properly and you will not be able to use your screen when on a call. This means not being able to switch to speaker phone and also unless you have the power button configured to end the call, you will have to wait for the other party to end the call. With the screen protector and 5.1 the phone always thinks you have the phone up to your face. Did not have this issue prior to upgrading. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Having trouble with Nexus 7 2013 OTA (not sideloading) so I restored factory recovery and tried again. No joy. Removed root and tried again. No joy. WTF?! What does it take to get the OTA to install on Nexus 7 2013 WI-FI? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Got it working. I loaded full stock without wiping using Nexus Root Kit and it worked with no apparent data loss. Posted via the Android Central App
  • This "update" is just a little less painful to use than Windows 8. It also keeps locking up on games my 4 year old grandson used to play without any problem. The only reason I ended up here is I'm looking for a process to remove 5.1 and felt like venting. I hope this UI isn't the future of android or I may become an Apple fanboy an idea that at one time was unthinkable. Nexus 7 version 1
  • Here's the link for 5.1.1 OTA for the "razor" for Nexus 7 [2013] (Wi-Fi):
  • 5.1.1 is a vast improvement Posted via the Android Central App
  • Forgive my perhaps rookie question: I have Samsung S5 Verizon ported over to AT&T. Can I set it up for OTA updates from AT&T? Is that even recommended?
  • Forgive my perhaps rookie question: I have Samsung S5 Verizon ported over to AT&T. Can I set it up for OTA updates from AT&T? Is that even recommended?
  • Hey my mmobile is micromax canvas juice a177 (rooted) can i make my mobile lolipop from jellybean i have downloaded the zip file of nexus 6..? I am confused..plzgive me suggestions fastr...