Hearthstone's Grand Tournament expansion is now available

The Grand Tournament, the latest expansion for Blizzard's popular Hearthstone card game, is now available. The Tournament adds 132 new cards for players to collect or purchase. The new cards include an assortment of knights, spells, and more, offering new strategies in your card brawls.

Also new to Hearthstone with The Grand Tournament is the Inspire keyword. Minions with this keyword attached will have special abilities that can be activated when you use your Hero Power.

As you continue to climb the Ranked Player boards, you'll receive rewards for your accomplishments. When you progress beyond rank 20, a chest will appear, filled with rewards. Some players will also receive the season's Ranked Play card back, extra Arcane Dust, and one or more golden cards.

You can get started with The Grand Tournament by downloading the latest update to Hearthstone right now from the Google Play Store.

Joseph Keller