HBO Go and Max Go updated with ICS support, but for phones only

HBO Go and MAX Go, streaming video-on-demand services from Home Box Office, have both been updated to support Ice Cream Sandwich devices. It's been a long time coming, and subscribers to the pay channels who want to stream video to their Android devices can finally do so with the latest phones, but only phones. It seems that HBO has decided not to include tablets in this update, nor any Google TV devices. 

To be fair, we're not sure if this is an oversight, a technical issue, or something else. We are sure that it works on the iPad, and if coded correctly, any app that runs on ICS on our phones should run on our tablets as well. I've reached out to Home Box Office, so maybe they will have the answers. In the meantime, you can grab the apps at the links below and enjoy them on your phones.

download HBO Go (opens in new tab) | download MAX Go (opens in new tab)

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • t-mobile galaxy nexus?
  • If only i had 400....
  • buying an unlocked gsm nexus and slapping a tmo sim in doesn't usually result in the device being called Tmo Galaxy Nexus. Would you make reference to a T-Mobile iPhone 4s?
  • Holy crap... think youve got enough phones?
  • It's showing up for my (old) Acer Iconia A100 that had ICS on it last(I got rid of it a few weeks a go).
  • article about something other than the Galaxy S III....
  • Finally! It's been a pain in the ass to have to go through the browser b/c the buttons are so small on the site. Perfect timing as I'm going on vacation next week and will now have an easier time watching HBO while not doing shit all week.
  • This works great on my Acer A100 with ICS. Nice.
  • Max Go is awesome. Instant full screen porn on the go!
  • now i can catch up on episodes i miss @ work on my phone :)
  • Happiness!
  • Works on my tablet :\
  • I'm thinking the "phone only" proclamation was made too early with too small of a sample size.
  • The MAFIAA can't stop shooting themselves in the foot with every endeavour they make.
  • YEEEEUUSSSSSSS!!! finally game of thrones on my phone!
  • Wouldnt it be pretty simple to just back up the .apk on your phone, transfer it to your tablet, and install? I'm no expert, but it seems like if you had an ICS tablet it would install and run just fine even if it didnt show up in your market.
    Am I wrong?
  • I think that it now works on the HTC Flyer and HTC View tablets.
  • Confirmed. Now running on my HTC View 4g running honeycomb. Finally.
  • Looking good on my Galaxy Tab 2.
  • FINALLY! This is one app I missed when my Nexus S got upgraded from GB to ICS back in December.
  • Doesn't work on my xoom :/. Things like this is why people shy away from amdroid tablets and go with an ipad.. smh