These are the products Hayato couldn't live without in 2022

Nintendo Switch Joycons
Nintendo Switch Joycons (Image credit: Android Central)

Everybody has a handful of items that they simply couldn't do without — whether tech or otherwise. I'm a writer and videographer by trade and a musician by hobby, and the things I use on a daily basis reflect that; from my backpack to my headphones of choice and various music equipment, these are the material objects that I cherish most.

I've gone through a lot of tech in the last year, but these are the things that have stuck with me and become a major part of my daily life. They all serve different purposes, but they're all equally important to me — though if I had to recommend just one item to people, I'd strongly suggest considering Sony's noise-canceling headphones. I love my 1000XM2s, but the newer 1000XM3s are even better.

Hayato Huseman

Hayato was a product reviewer and video editor for Android Central.