Samsung Galaxy S10+Source: Android Central

If you're the owner of a Galaxy S10 or Galaxy Note 10, this is a pretty exciting time for you. On April 3, Samsung began rolling out the One UI 2.1 update to the two smartphones with a decent set of new features.

Looking through the update, the most exciting thing about it is that it brings over some of the new camera features that were introduced on the Galaxy S20 — including Pro Video, Single Take, an improved Night Mode, and more.

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Although the update has been making its way to devices for a few days, a quick look through the AC forums reveals that it's taking a while for One UI 2.1 to reach everyone.

Uncle spedi

Still waiting for AT&T (sooooo slow)


Just got it. US. US Cellular phone.

DARK Vader777

Received it this morning. But it was on my note 10 plus. Sorry wrong posting area


I guess my Verizon S10 5G is like the redheaded stepson. I am still waiting.


What about you? Have you gotten the One UI 2.1 update on your Galaxy S10 or Note 10?

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