Have you been happy with the Galaxy S21's fingerprint sensor?

Galaxy S21 Ultra Review
Galaxy S21 Ultra Review (Image credit: Hayato Huseman / Android Central)

Samsung packed a ton of improvements into the new Galaxy S21 series, and out of everything on offer, there's one feature upgrade that's easy to overlook — the fingerprint sensor.

The Galaxy S10 and S20 both featured ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint sensors, and thanks to slow performance and inconsistent readings, they left a lot to be desired. Samsung finally fixed this with the Galaxy S21, offering a new sensor that's larger and more accurate.

We've been really happy with its performance on the S21 so far, and taking a look through the AC forums, this is what a few of our members have to say about it:

I've definitely noticed it's not as good as when I first got it. I think I will have to try setting my fingerprints up again.


Mines has been pretty good even with my screen protector on. I would try resetting your prints.


It 100% is the new update that breaks it! Mine isn't working 80% of the time now. Also confirm that re-registering your prints works, although is bs that you have to do this


What about you? Have you been happy with the Galaxy S21's fingerprint sensor?

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  • It's taken some getting used to for sure. I came from a Note 9, so was quite used to using my index finger on the back. Using my thumb is a bit different, and there have been times that I end up having to use my password. Not sure if it's the way I'm positioning my thumb, the general dryness causing a poor read at times, or the sensor itself. I've re-registered my fingers a couple times, and that does seem to help, at least for awhile. It's something I'm definitely going to keep an eye on.
  • This reader on my S21+ works better than any other touch/fingerprint reader I have ever used.. speed, accuracy (or inaccuracy of my finger placement) and reliability are truly excellent.
  • Much, much better than my previous S10!
  • Yep. Works well as intended.
  • Its different than a Pixel fpr but it still works well. I've heard complaints about the 20 series, but I've had no problems.
  • Works better than my Note 20 Ultras
  • no. it's the Only thing that sucks, but the FPR is terrible.
  • The fingerprint sensor on my S21 Ultra works perfect, even through a Spigen glass display protector.