Has the new T-Mobile and Google deal tempted you to join the un-carrier?

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Well before it acquired/merged with Sprint, T-Mobile attempted to compete with the major U.S. cellular carriers with creative pricing strategies and customer loyalty programs. Still, it may have just scored its biggest coup yet, at least as far as Android fans are concerned. Earlier this week, the company announced a partnership with Google that will see more Google products and services in T-Mobile stores and on devices that T-Mobile sells. This includes Google Messages and Google One being preloaded as officially supported apps on T-Mobile Android phones and greater visibility for Pixel phones at T-Mobile stores. T-Mobile is even shuttering its own streaming service in favor of YouTube TV.

Naturally, these moves caught the attention of our hawk-eyed Android faithful over on the AC forums:

Tmobile devices will get Android messages as default message app going forward. https://gizmodo.com/t-mobile-will-make-google-messages-its-default-messagin-1846578155


I'm curious if this will have any benefit for Google Fi customers since GFi used Sprint and T-Mobile. Now that it's just TM are we technically their customers?


Wow! T-mobile forges on. :)


I use Android Messages anyways but they need to add the ability to pin messages to the top. That would make the Android Messages app complete IMHO.


Now we want to hear from you — Has the new T-Mobile and Google deal tempted you to join the un-carrier?

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