Samsung Galaxy S4 Active for AT&T.

We’re here in New York where Samsung introduced its newest addition to the Galaxy S4 lineup, the Galaxy S4 Active, to US consumers. Our friends across the pond got a bit more fanfare today than we did here at Pepcom’s annual summer shindig, but even without the grand stage, the Active still seems to impress.

What Samsung cooked up here is a true-to-form Galaxy S 4 in every sense of the word – same processor, same gorgeous screen, and same Touchwiz/Jelly Bean experience. There’s one major difference, though: this version can withstand just about anything you throw at it. Shock, sand, water, you name it – the S4 Active is just barely short of bulletproof (don’t test that, please).

The really cool thing about the S4 Active is that it doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics for strength. I really like the industrial feel, including the chrome “bolts” and hard buttons, and the slate grey color is a nice addition to the standard black and blue. Let’s just say this: the S4 Active is a hell of a lot more attractive than a standard S4 paired with something like, say, an Otterbox.

AT&T’s got an exclusive on the S4 Active beginning Friday, when you grab one for $199 on contract. We've got more Galaxy S4 Active discussion happening in our forums.