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Hands-on redux with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9-inch (U.S. version)

Ahhhhh. So apparently the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9-incher that we took a look at this morning was the European one an early prototype. The real U.S. version is just as sexy, and maybe even more so, even though they wouldn't let us turn it on. It's mostly the same hardware, except for the back cover. The textured grille has been swapped out for a matte finish, and it's noticeable easier to hang onto, which is good. But otherwise, we're pretty much looking at the same thing. More pictures of the 8.9- and 10.1-inch Galaxy Tabs are after the break.

  • I want to see the 8.9 and 7 inch together.....
  • The first picture shows the 8.9 and the 7 side by side.
  • Really? They look the same. Interesting.
  • Fail. Read the comment on the bottom of the pic. Its the 8.9 and the 10.1 next to each other.
  • Even more fail. Have you seen the 7" Galaxy Tab? The two on the right are clearly them. The 8.9 is on the left and there's 2 7 inchers on the right (back and front).
  • Screen size comaparison. A pretty sizable difference, almost double the display area.
  • Cool. Thanks!
  • That's what she said.
  • This does look really nice, early summer is a while to wait; not too bad, but was hoping for April. Someone needs to hunt down the Asus booth at CTIA and figure out when the Transformer is coming out. They're being awfully coy on their Asus Eee Facebook page.
  • The 10.1 for the US is a no brainer. I'm first in line!
  • Why is it a "no-brainer"?
  • So where are the standard ports instead of a proprietary connector?
  • Has anybody said what carrier these will be on? Because I see a
    T-Mobile symbol in the first picture. :)
  • Wifi-only versions will come out at the same time. No carrier. No contract.
  • Yeah but the TMO logo is on the 7" Galaxy Tab that was released last year...
  • Even though it sucks that these are not coming out till the summer, I'm still impressed that Samsung announced a release date! And for the Wifi only version too!!!!Finally, an android product with a release date.....who would have ever though that it was possible?
  • Does this 8.9" model has "micro SD card SLOT"? If we followed the announcement, it has "connection kit" to attach "SD card". Now, I am wondering, what's that? Does it mean the 8.9" does not have micro SD card SLOT?
  • Yea I was wondering that myself. The "official launch" hasn't happened yet though so we'll know more when they announce specs.
  • It is probably a proprietary external card reader to use with their proprietary cable to plug into their proprietary port. Barf
  • Wow! My hat off to Sammy on design. These are just elegantly beautiful. The thin size, matte back and chrome accented bezel make the first tablet I think is actually more pleasing to look at than the Ipad2. Nicely done.
  • I've got to assume Samsung has another team working on tablets because this is a step above their plastic phone housings. These things are gorgeous. They have taken a page out of HTC's book. My only concern is propietary connections, which Samsung was notorious for with their phones in years past. Am I going to need a special cable to charge this or can I simply charge it via USB from my PC?
  • What is the big deal about the type of cord used to charge the device? Every major device requiring more "juice" than a cell phone uses a non USB type power cable (point one out if I'm wrong). Even among lower powered devices there's how many different styles and types of "USB" power connectors? There is no industry standard connector for tablet or phone devices so therefore there should be no complaints about the fact that the cable to power the device is unique between manufacturers. Not trying to pick on anyone in particular but I've seen this complaint a lot and I just don't get it.
  • Perhaps you want to use a standard USB cable to transfer files? Tether? Connect to something on the go? Having a standard USB port is just as important, even if you are not charging through it. And yes, it SHOULD be possible to charge a properly designed tablet through USB. It might take a very long time (due to the large battery), but it should still be an option even if a faster, proprietary charging port is also available.
  • I know that the early summer launch is for wifi only but is 3G/4G options going to be available soon after? Asked since i saw am SIM slot in the pics(hope to pop an t-mobile prepaid sim with data in there).
  • I really want to have this one with 3g/4g. I will not buy any tablet that does not include access to data everywhere my cellphone works.
  • I really want to have this one with 3g/4g. I will not buy any tablet that does not include access to data everywhere my cellphone works. I realize that many people will prefer to have Wifi only, there is no doubt about it, but there are many of us looking to use these devices for work. I need to be able to access information anywhere. Taking time to try to gain access to various Wifi networks, or using unsecured networks, is not what I want. I also don't wish to burn through my phone's battery by tethering constantly.
  • I'll take that new 7 incher, I'd be willing to take an 8.9 too if the price was right, the 10.1 is too big for my tastes.