LG Magna

LG pre-announced its new mid-range smartphone lineup ahead of MWC 2015, and now that we're at the show we've had a chance to put our hands on the four new devices from the manufacturer. The LG Magna, Spirit, Leon and Joy (from highest- to lowest-end) have interesting names, and while they cover a wide range of specs and features they all have a very similar design that's aspirational to the likes of the G3 and G Flex 2.

The phones range from a 5-inch display on the Magna down to a 4-inch on the Joy, and the top three models all have a quad-core processor, 8GB of storage, 1GB of RAM and either 8MP or 5MP cameras. The Joy offers the same specs, but also sports a super low-end model with just 4GB of storage and 512MB of RAM. Batteries seem quite ample at 1900mAh even on the lowest-end Joy up to 2540mAh on the Magna, and while you'll really notice the low cost of the Joy the higher-end Spirit and Magna feel quite nice. The Magna in particular feels a lot like the Nexus 5, with similar lines and plastics in use.

All of the phones are running Android 5.0 with recognizable LG software changes, and while the phones weren't loaded up with much they all seemed to perform well within their specs. LG understands that not everyone can shell out the cash for a high-end phone, and this new lineup of mid-rangers for 2015 definitely aim to fill in the areas below its flagships. There's plenty to like here at each level, even if they are a bit lower-end than what most of us would consider for a daily use device.