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Hands-on with Froyo for the Motorola Droid

So you want to update your Motorola Droid to Android 2.2, do ya? Go ahead. We're all for it. For everybody else who's content to wait until the over-the-air update hits, we'll show you what you're missing.

But first, a couple of caveats: As of this writing, it looks like copy-protected apps aren't showing in the Android Market. They should clear itself up at some point. That also means no Adobe Flash, unless you sideload it, which is fine.

Then there's the whole tethering thing. Verizon earlier this week said Wifi tether is a no-go, as is USB tethering. But, as you'll see in the video, USB tether is there on the phone (though admittedly we haven't gotten a chance to use it yet).

Anyhoo, give the video a gander, and be sure to talk it up in the forums when you're done.

  • using the tethering feature takes you to a page from verizon asking you to pay for it :( I guess you can't expect them to be stupid all the time. Looks like I'll be joining the ranks of those who root my phone...
  • Booooooooo! Knew that was too good to be true.
  • Strange - I just tethered and got no such page.
  • nvm
  • Never mind, I had a brainfart. I had wireless enabled at the time, so it was grabbing from there as opposed to the 3G. With wireless disabled, I received the same page. $20 for 2GB/Month? Back to PDANet for me.
  • No love for the Incredible yet. :( thingg: PDAnet works without rooting. Or, at least it does on the Incredible.
  • You're kidding right? Leaked 2.2 for the incredible has been out for a while now. Android central just doesn't give it much showtime since no one on Phil's team own's an Incredible--hence no love for it on this site. It's same reason why we only see Phil doing videos with N1, Droid, and excessive Evo 4G updates.
  • Lol Phil gave away his Droid Incredibles.
  • I and 2 other writers own DIncs.
  • Some ppl don't have the desire or care to install leaked s/w. So for those of us who are that way (me included), it's no joke. But some of us have to be patient and deal with his/her decision. +1 on paragraph. Best to read other blogs for "Incredible" luv....
  • yeah I know, but I really wanted the hotspot anyway. I would have taken the tethering if verizon wasn't being a **** but eh.. thanks for letting me know though ^_^
  • idk about linpack scores that is funny maby it is just because the n1 and evo hav snapdragon and that one doesnt. but i hope that gets resolved soon
  • I don't get it.
    Why is the Droid X benchmarking low on Froyo? I guess it can't punch numbers as good as the Snapdragon, but graphics are much better.
    My Evo gets around 1300 on quadrant non-OC Cyanogen RC-1 Snap kernel... I expected the Droid X to top that. Would like to see a Froyo benchmark showdown Phil!
  • you know this is the original droid, not the droid x right?
  • Hahahaha +1
  • Phil, you do know that the OG Droid would get around 2 MFLOPS pre-2.2, right? So, getting 10 is a huge improvement, and it brings us up to 2.1 Snapdragon speeds!
  • No it got like 4.5 mflops for me on 2.1. Still, I think 9.5 is what it should be with 2.2.
  • Maybe for you, but I was recalling Phil's old videos off-hand. I dunno if you even overclocked your Droid. But for Phil, those old benchmark videos will be on YouTube forever...
  • Was it that low? Couldn't remember off hand. Besides which, Linpack ain't nothin' but a number. :p
  • Thats why I am sticking with my custom rom so i can both usb and wireless tether!
  • Welcome Droid and Evo to the Froyo clan!!! only a matter of time til we're joined by the Droid X and the Samsung Vibrant! (i left out the D Inc on purpose cuz every article has a comment or two of ppl saying "STILL no D Inc love?") lol :) come on guys, give HTC some time, your Froyo will come, it all depends on when Verizon ships it out with Sense! Evo got theirs, so only a matter of tim til the rest of the powerhouses of the Android army is Froyo powered! sent from my Nexus One
  • and also with the Linpack JIT, i should also tell u that remember when Froyo first was talked about, they said the JIT would be 2-5 times faster, and idk if i remember correctly, but the Droid was about 4 or 5 MFLOPs on 2.1, so it does fit in the 2-5 times faster category, just not as much the Nexus does
  • I just read over at Droid-Life that someone commented about the CPU now being capped at 600mhz. Any truth to this?
  • The Evo 4G and the original Droid get Froyo! What about the Incredible? C'mon HTC and Verizon! Get it together.
  • idk about those benchmark tests guys. The mflops seem too low and the quadrant score seems WAY too high. I've ran frf57 frf84b and the most recent build by peter alfonso and all of the benchmarks are similar. frf57 overclocked at 1ghz, no desire to get this build.
  • im still waiting for my update
  • Wow I get like 14 mflops and I'm only clocked at 800mhz. Wonder what I would get if I put a faster kernel on it and ramped it up to like 1.25ghz?
  • Just updated my droid to 2.2 and everything seems to be going great
  • wish they could work out some sort of tethering/tier data program that isnt super exspensive, that or lower the cost.
  • I'm at an interesting journey in my cell phone life. Do I go with a cheap Original Droid, or jump to the X, Inc, or wait for the Droid 2? Advice?
  • Wait for the Droid 2. Much faster processor and its supposed to be available on August 12.
  • i did the manual update it i was able to get adobe from the market:)
  • So... any word on the changes to exchange in froyo? can you accept meeting invites by email now or even search your corporate email?
  • Manually pushed 2.2 to my droid. Works great. I side loaded Flash, and works great. I also installed pdanet and tethering is working fine. I am utilizing it now to post this comment!
  • Hmm, PDA Net is working, and I keep seeing folks say this requires rooting, but I'm haven't?
  • Shazzbatt, my ringer on phone isn't working...
  • Mine weren't working either, I had to go through all my apps that have notifications and reset them to the proper sound because the update silenced them for some reason.
  • I downloaded it and followed the instructions in the forum. It worked like a charm and everything is working great.
  • SMS app looks HORRIBLE!
  • Does installing this preserve your currently installed apps, or do you need to re-download everything again? I'd like to install it, but if it's missing copy-protected stuff right now, downloading everything's going to be kind of iffy.
  • You only get the full features of Android through Google, the carriers wanna charge you for it. Thank goodness for root. :)
  • Just installed Flash 10.1. Hulu has already blocked us!
  • go to and follow the instructions. when you get to the part with the options, click on [desktop]. This will tell hulu (or any other site for that matter) that you are running safari on mac osx 10.5.7 or something close to that. I don't have flash installed yet but that should work.
  • Anyone have any luck with the new 'Move to SD Card' option for any apps?
  • Yes, I've moved several, and they all work. There's a bit of a lag when they start, especially "Where," but that is a rather large app. Once it comes up (and the lag is only about a second or two), it's very quick.
  • Hello Android Fans! I am pretty new to the Android Game(Infact I don't own any Device that runs Android ATM, just a BB Storm2 and previous experience w/ iPhone 3G). Anyyyway, I am waiting for my Carrier(Rogers - Canada) to get a DECENT, decent line of phones.. We're still running the HTC Magic and the semi-mid range Sony Xperia10. My question to you all is based on my inexperience. I love this site(as much as CrackBerry) and am eligible to upgrade to a new phone (No this isn't one of those "SHOULD I GET THE.." 'cause as stated, NO GOOD PHONES, lol)- but mainly .. What is Capping? Or.. Clocking and what does it make a difference, how does one acquire this, and why is the information relevant? (No I am NOT trolling, Android is like candy I have never tasted and want to know what I can about it, learn + grow :) I was reading all your posts but you lost me about 12 posts in.. Lol. I sort of get rooting, its like unlocking features or something.. as for doing i.t.. I dunno if I ever could. Anyway... Any information you can tell me would be great, I love to learn. Thanks :)
  • Capping = Limiting
    Clocking = Clock Speed or Processor speed as measured in MegaHertz MHz
    basically some people who have rooted their phones have overclocked the processor and made the phone faster
    be aware its not without its downsides, the candle that burns brightest, burns fastest
  • Can any verify that Easytether or PDAnet works with the 2.2 update?
  • I just installed 2.2 and I am using Easytether to post this.
  • Ditto
  • PDAnet works just fine, I'm using it now
  • I'm trying to do the manual 2.2 update on my Moto Droid. I downloaded the update file but can't copy it to the sdcard because it says the file already exists. The file there with that name is the 2.1 manual update I did some time ago. How do I get around this, does someone know? Thanks!
  • Either rename or delete the old update file.
  • still no 2.2 update
  • I had considered that but was afraid to do it in case there were threads attached. However...I just did, finished the update application and 2.2 is running just fine! Thanks!!
  • I installed 2.2 on my Moto Droid with no problems, but I can not get Flash to install. There is no Flash in the Market. What can I do?? Thanks. Vickie
  • I manually updated and it went well, all my apps were there along with everything else, but my phone still seemed slow. I then did a factory wipe and manually reinstalled my apps and now it's FLYING! Sweet. Only problem now is that it won't find Flash on the market to install.... :(
  • Lovin the 2.2 on my Droid.
    I guess I can forget about 2.2 ever being available for my wife's Droid Eris...
  • 8/6 and still no update