Halloween Clock - Give your home screen a spooky Halloween look

Even though I'm 30 years old, I still get excited for Halloween. I don't go out trick-or-treating anymore obviously but I still enjoy having a few spooky decorations around and my phone isn't any exception to that. It's all about halloween ringtones, wallpapers and yes -- even clocks. Halloween Clock is one addition to help get you in the 'spirit' of the season:

  • Four different skins to choose from (wood, wrought iron, stone, and brick).
  • Each skin switches to day and night versions on its own (or choose any skin you'd like to remain static).
  • Moon and sun rise and set as the day goes on (or choose your favorite position to remain static).
  • Space for two customizable launchers. App icons look like they're nestled right in the grass!
  • 12 and 24 hour modes.

Set up is easy and it looks great on any device. Halloween Clock is a paid app but coming in at only $1 -- you'll not need to rob any graves to get it. If you're looking to add some nice Halloween style to your device give it a look, download is past the break.

  • Nice iOS-esqe theme you got going there.
  • That's too much for me I don't want a whole yard on my screen, but otherwise it looks like a nice widget
  • Isn't that the app store logo?
  • Yes, and home button icon, Safari icon, Camera icon and Messenger app icon, too ...
  • Guess Chris left his heart at TipB!!! ...with those iCons
  • :::Facepalm:::