Graffiti for Android, a great keyboard replacement that is fun to use

There are a ton of keyboard variations for the Android platform, and nearly one to match just about everyone's personal preference. Graffiti is a great keyboard replacement that has been available on the Palm OS for a while, and has finally been made available on Android.

What sets this keyboard apart from nearly all the rest is the fact that letters are actually drawn by the user, instead of selected on a keyboard that is displayed on the screen. For those who are used to taking notes, or writing instead of typing, this keyboard replacement will compliment your Android device very well. The application has been updated to version 2.0 which now allows for word learning, auto correction, as well as word prediction. The keyboard is priced at a very fair $0.00, but know upfront that it will take a little bit of getting used to in order to be able to use it efficiently. Luckily there is a great demo video that shows you exactly how to use it, and help you better understand it. Hit the break for the video as well as download information for Graffiti for Android.

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  • When i was in High School i used a Palm Pilot to keep up with sport schedules, homework, test dates and stuff. This was the only method i could use...been using it since it got released a while ago, very nice to have a familiar text input...
  • I really like it. Always write what you intended. I like speed, however. Its not very fast. LOL. I would almost say it is the best alternative though.
  • lol kinda different , i use swype on dx and ultra on dinc not sure if i want this one yet or not ha , interesting kinda tho :)
  • nice one, but take some getting used to when using t, k, r, etc. Would be nicer if they add Chinese support.
  • Graffiti was a good solution back in the Palm days, but I find the approach used by Swype and similar keyboard replacements to be superior today. Good to see another option though!
  • Make a paid app without the advertisements - I won't use it until those are gone (and I'll gladly pay for it). I'm a longtime Palm user and Graffiti just comes naturally to me.
  • if they add chinese support would be great!!!
  • "Graffiti is a great keyboard replacement that has been available on the Palm OS for a while[...]" I believe this was the original text entry format for the Palm, back when the Palm Pilot was a product of 3com.
  • I think that this is really cool, but I don't see myself learning this. I mean, why hasn't google come out with their own "write on the screen" technology when they already use it for their gesture search app? I think that if they were to make it so you could type relatively fast anywhere on your phone then that would be awesome. I guess this is the best we have until then right?
  • I used to be great at Graffiti on my Palm IIIc. It was awesome. I don't see it being better than a keyboard, though.
  • Didn't Palm lose a lawsuit and have to take Graffiti off their devices? I'm a longtime Palm user, but digging Swype on my Epic.
  • Palm eventually settled that, but not before unleashing the horror on us known as Graffiti 2. *Shudder*
  • Sounds funny!! I am interested in buying it.
  • I'm home, I'm home. Still the best input that you can use when you don't want to look at what you are inputting. I like swype but it requires a lot of attention as does regular or virtual keyboarding especially in the portrait mode. (unfortunately I have very large thumbs) Grafitti is a little slower (maybe) but for long time users it is just so natural. As I remember it took a while to get used to a new alphabet, especially the symbols, but it was worth the effort. There is a stylus for androids but the reviews were not to good. I would be good if someone would try a stylus while using grafitti Michael
  • I have searched for this app in the market as well as scanned the code and it is not showing anything.. Is this app still available for download?
  • Brings back memories... mastered this before, need to practice...