Amazon has a selection of Beatit portable jump starters and power banks on sale today only. These devices are part of today's daily deals, so the prices are very temporary. Some of them have a starting price as low as $35, and the more you spend the more powerful the device. For example, the $34.99 Beatit B10 Pro jump starter, which normally sells for around $50, has peak amps of 800 and a 12800mAh battery pack. The $89.99 BP101 jump starter, which is $40 off its regular price today, has a peak of 2200 amps and a 21000mAh power bank. Either one would be great in an emergency where you find yourself stranded on the road with a dying phone. Don't even let that situation unfold for you. Keep one of these around to get out of trouble.

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Today Only

Beatit QDSP portable car jump starter and power bank

Amazon's daily deals features a selection of four jump starters on sale for prices between $35 and $90. The larger the price the powerful it is. Jump start a dead battery or charge your phone in an emergency. Essential for any car drivers.

Starting at $35

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

The $34.99 Beatit B10 Pro works with any 12V battery in a car, truck, van, or other vehicle. It can jump start your car up to 20 times on a single charge. The power bank functionality includes dual USB output and a USB-C port, which can be used to recharge the device or as a third output.

The battery has a standby time of 12 months and a slow self-discharge. It will lose about 5 to 10% of its power over the course of a year. You're not going to be using this device every single day, so it's nice to know it will still be able to do its jump when you've forgotten about it in your glove compartment after a few months. You will want to juice it back up every six months or so just to be on the safe side.

The jump starter includes advanced Quick Discharge Start Power technology, which gives it the ability to jump start your vehicle in just one to three seconds. It can even withstand extreme temperatures, which is great because winter is right around the corner. You'll also get extended jumper cables, which is convenient. And the operation is both safe and quick thanks to a mistake-proof design.

The $89.99 BP101 starter is very similar in design, it just adds a bit more power. The 2,200 Amps give you up to 30 jump starts on a single charge. It also includes a 12V DC output and a 110V AC converter you can use with the 21000mAh power bank, so you have some charging options. The AC converter is works like a regular outlet so you can charge small appliances.

All of these devices come with a two-year warranty, and remember there are a couple more selections available in between these two in Amazon's larger sale. 

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