GPL portions of Honeycomb entered into Android Open Source Project

Jean-Baptiste Queru, AOSP engineer for Google, has verified that GPL and LGPL portions of the Honeycomb source code have been entered into the AOSP repositories.  Don't get too excited though, it's not the full source code, it's just a snapshot to be used if "incompatibilities develop over time."  It still may contain code useful for developers, and something is better than nothing.

I'm a little sad that it took almost two months for Google to comply with the license they agreed to when they used GPL code, but there's little we can really do about it.  If you're a Honeycomb developer, Al Sutton has worked out a set of instructions to build what has been provided -- find it at the source link.  Hopefully, the community can find good use for it.  [@jbqueru; Al Sutton's Blog via AndroidGuys]

Edit: Jean-Baptiste Queru gives us a correction, one that makes me happy. 

Funny that nobody had noticed until now that all the GPL/LGPL Honeycomb projects were in AOSP. They were there in late January.

Sincere apologies JBQ, and thanks for restoring a little bit of faith :)

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • While I've never agreed that Google was obligated to publish the Honeycomb code to AOSP as soon as products were shipped, since it's under an Apache/MIT license, they were violating the GPL as soon as the Zoom started shipping. I'm glad to see that they're at least fulfilling their minimum obligation.
  • The article is inaccurate. The GPL, LGPL, and MPL-covered code was published when the Honeycomb emulator and Xoom shipped, per the license. What was recently published is simply an updated version of the code corresponding to the latest update for Xoom. EDIT: article WAS inaccurate. I see the correction. :)
  • Never has an edit made me happier :)
  • Now just give me a Nexus 3 that's multi-core and with a version of Android that's designed to use it, high resolution screen in tow please.