Got Droid? Make Something Awesome Contest

We're not saying, we're just saying. Actually, xkcd is saying. Go on and buy a print from them for speaking truth.

Meanwhile: Got Droid? Make something Awesome with it (note the Capital A). Take a picture in the dark and make it all arty with Photoshop mobile. Shoot a video and put it on YouTube. Type out a short story on the physical keyboard. Whatever, as long as it's capital A Awesome and you make it with Android (yeah, non-Droid owners can play too).

Send it in to before Nov 25th. We'll pick out favorite and send the winner:

We'll post our favorites on Nov 25th and let y'all vote on the final winner based on, you guessed it, level of Awesome.

Big thanks to our Droid Accessory Store for sponsoring the contest. Rules: Entries must be created with an Android device. US residents only, sorry. One entry per person, please.

Dieter Bohn