Gorilla Glass 2

Pop quiz: What's new, thinner and still made of Gorillas? Gorilla Glass 2, of course. A few days ago we saw the announcment that Corning was bringing the well-named scratch-resistant glass back to CES thinner than ever -- while also keeping it just as structurally strong.

Android Central @ CES Sure, 20 percent thinner may not seem like a lot, but keeping the glass thinner is something that many manufacturers want for reasons such as enhanced color reproduction -- color isn't displayed oddly because of the screen, and believe it or not the thinner screen will also allow for more accurate touch sensativity. With their glass on more than 600 product models you would think that these guys know what they are doing, and that "thin is in" and Gorilla Glass 2 is going to be something we definitely look forward to. While adoption times will differ by manufacturer they do anticipate to see Gorilla Glass 2 replacing the original within the next six months.

Hit the break to check out our full interview with Corning.

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