Google's Project Wing drone delivery service could begin sometime in 2017

Google has been testing its Project Wing drone delivery technology in near-secrecy for some time. Now the leader of that effort, David Vos, claims that they will launch their drone delivery business sometime in 2017

According to the BBC:

"Our goal is to have commercial business up and running in 2017," said Mr Vos during a speech at an air traffic control convention being held in Washington. No details have been given about what type of drones Google might use for the service nor what type of packages they will be delivering.

Google's previous Project Wing tests in Australia showed that the company will not have the drones actually land to ship their packages. Rather, those deliveries will be connected to a drone with a string, which will drop the packages on the ground and the fly away.

Source: BBC

  • Do it Google... Posted via the 6P
  • The world gets lazier and dumber each day. Posted via the Android Central App
  • +1 I'm getting real tired of all the "smart" products that are coming out.
  • What's wrong with airmail to your backyard? Sony Xperia Z2
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  • How is creating a potentially faster, more efficient delivery infrastructure dumb or lazy?
  • He's talking about the users, not the creators. It is a bit of an extreme stance though lol Posted via the Android Central App
  • The users, as in the people getting things delivered? I don't understand how that works out. If I order something, how does the delivery method reflect on me at all?
  • Out on the lawn there arose such a clatter... Keep the drone out of reach of the unwashed masses, but drop those nexuses for all to see.
  • I read an article last week. Amazon and other large delivery companies want to do this. This has DISASTER written all over it. This can't be happening. It's madness - seriously! Think about it.
  • Why? It's such a cool idea :D Sony Xperia Z2
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  • If this ever actually gets off the ground, I could see it becoming a fun target practice for some people! Honestly, I'd be tempted if I saw one over my property. :)
  • Tempted to shoot somebody else's property? Why? Do you also take pot shots at UPS trucks?
  • You get UPS trucks driving across your property?
  • Somebody with a long driveway might.
  • It was a flippant remark (not completely serious). Of course I'm not going to take a pot shot at a UPS truck that has a person driving it (what sane person would?!!), nor would I randomly shoot a drone that may be passing over my property. Actually, my neighbor across the street has a little one. Sometimes it will fly a bit over my front yard, but he's respectful with it and tries to keep it over his own property. Now if it were buzzing around my house frequently or for extended periods of time we'd have a problem, especially if I have no idea who it belongs to or who may be controlling it. I'd consider that an invasion of my privacy, as if a person were snooping around my house and trying to look in the windows. In that case I'd call the police to report it and would only ever attempt to shoot it down if I felt I was left with no other choice. But you know there are people out there who won't think like that and will take a pot shot at it even if it's just for fun.
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  • Anyone know why this article shows up in the AC app, but not on the website? The Sprint Cuba roaming article isn't on the website either.
  • All Stories tab, not Featured tab?
  • I see problems, they can't fly over private property, or over 400 feet. So they have to fly over streets? How many packages per drone? How much weight and range? There is a reason the ups truck is a winner. Hundreds of packages per truck, heavy weights aren't a problem, nor is range. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Please, please don't do this google! We don't need hundreds of drones buzzing around us all the time. Can you imagine in 10 years if this becomes a reality, there will be no peace and quiet, just a constant hum of drones buzzing overhead. There will be accidents too, crashes into houses with potential fire risks from when the batteries burst. This is just not a good idea! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Everything you said could have been used as an argument against automobiles in the early 1900s. Posted via the Android Central App
  • The difference being that automobiles don't fly! Add in the third dimension and things like safety become exponentially harder to mitigate. Posted via the Android Central App