Google Pixel 4a leaked renderSource: 91Mobiles / @OnLeaks

What you need to know

  • The Pixel 4a's retail boxes have leaked confirming the design of the upcoming handset.
  • The circulation of the retail boxes has been interpreted as an indicator of a nigh imminent launch.
  • Google's Pixel 4a was presumed to be launching at the now-canceled Google I/O.

Google's Pixel 4a has been the subject of very detailed leaks, showcasing nearly every aspect of the device. Now, a new leak indicates the launch might finally be around the corner. An image shared online (via TechDroider) captures the retail boxes of the upcoming 4a, showing off the same design language as other Pixel boxes and confirming the design aspect of the leaks.

More importantly, the presence of retail boxes is a clue that the Pixel 4a is on the cusp of launching, perhaps in a month or so.

Pixel 4a Leaked Retail PackagingSource: TechDroider

The Pixel 4a is the followup to the fan-favorite Pixel 3a, it's adopting Google's new design language and ditching the dual-tone rear for a single tone rear with a large square camera bump. Specs-wise, it'll ship with a 5.8-inch FHD+ display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 processor, and a 3, 080 mAh battery. A Pixel 4a XL is not expected to launch this time. Google has previously launched its Pixels in pairs. This move would shift the Pixel 4a away from part of an "A-series" line to simply an extension of the main Pixel series.

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"At $479 the Pixel 3a XL feels like a bit of a bargain. If you're into smaller phones, the $399 Pixel 3a is even more so. These phones have maintained most of what makes the Pixel 3 series among the most enjoyable phones to use, and in my week-long testing, I've noticed none of the performance hiccups that sullied some of that luster," we noted in our Pixel 3a review. Hopefully it won't be long till we can see if the Pixel 4a lives up to that reputation.

It's not clear where Google will be launching the 4a. It was previously thought to be released at the now-canceled I/O, but it's now more likely to be done via way of blog post or another socially-distant but appropriate environment.

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