Google's new policy gives kids 'more control of their images online'

Google Search Image
Google Search Image (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google is introducing a new policy that will make it possible for users below 18, or their parent or guardian, to request the removal of their images from Google Search.
  • The search giant believes that the policy change will give young users "more control of their images online."
  • Google will also begin blocking ad targeting for kids.

Google has announced a new policy that will give minors "more control over their digital footprint." The policy, which is set to be introduced in the coming weeks, will enable anyone under the age of 18 to request the removal of their images from Google Image search results. Their parents or guardian will also be able to place a request to take down images.

While removing an image from Google Search results will not remove it from the web, Google says the change will still give young people "more control of their images online." Along with this new policy change, Google is also making a few other changes to Google Accounts for everyone under 18.

The default upload setting on YouTube will soon be changed to the most private option for teens aged 13-17. To ensure a safer search experience, Google Search will turn its SafeSearch protection on by default for both existing and new accounts of users under 18 over the coming months. In addition to the web and leading smartphone platforms, the SafeSearch technology will also extend to the web browser on the best smart displays.

For children with supervised accounts, Google doesn't offer the option of turning Location History on. It is now extending the same protection to users under the age of 18 globally. Google is also making it easier for parents to decide whether an app is right for their child with the Play Store's upcoming safety section. Once it goes live, parents can easily check whether an app follows Google's Families policies by heading over to the new section.

Additionally, Google is expanding safeguards to make sure age-sensitive ad categories are never shown to teens. The new advertising changes, which are expected to roll out globally over the coming months, will block ad targeting based on the age, gender, or interests of users under 18.

Babu Mohan
News Writer