Google's latest update for Hangouts lets you record and send video messages

Google has begun rolling out an update on the Play Store for the company's Hangouts app, which is said to add support for recording and firing off video messages. According to Phandroid, the update will bump the app up to version 11, adding the ability for up to a minute of video to be recorded in a conversation.

With the update installed, you'll be able to fire out video files to contacts, ideal if you wish to leave a quick message. It's possible to record one through the app, or select one from on-board storage. As an added bonus, while the Android platform has had to endure a painful wait for this feature to finally hit the store, it appears as though 1080p is supported while the iOS app can only handle 360p.

You can download Hangouts from the Play Store. If you do not yet see the update, be sure to give the store some time to propagate the new release. Let us know if you've installed the update and tried out the new video recording functionality.

Rich Edmonds