Though we're still in the heat of the summer, Google is preparing to roll out some interesting new features to make searching for flights and hotels much easier. One of the bigger features rolling out is the ability to opt into tracking fare changes for flights. Simply set a specific date range and route combination, or even a specific flight, and you can get notified when the fares change significantly.

Google's latest Search tools will help you find the best hotel and flight deals

Finding the right place to stay at the right price will also be simpler thanks to smart filters and deal labels. You'll now be able to define more granular search terms like "pet-friendly hotels in San Francisco for under $200," and find exactly what you're looking for.

Further, if Google Search surfaces any rooms that are cheaper than average, you'll now see a "Deal" label denoting it. Google will even help you by suggesting ways to save with hotel "Tips." Essentially, if you can save money by moving your dates slightly, Google will show you.

Finally, to help shoppers find what they're looking for, Google says it is is launching "Showcase Ads" in search, through which retailers can present a scrolling carousel of whole lines of products related to broad search terms. And for YouTube, Google is adding a "Companion banner" next to videos where you'll be able to scroll through products in a video that uses Google's TrueView shopping experience.