In the world of social networks, Google+ is, well, Google+. It used to be a fun place for talking to friends about virtually any topic, but thanks to unrelenting spam and users migrating to other platforms, it's become something that I check a handful of times a year. However, for those of you that continue to be loyal Google+ users, big things are on the way.

Google+ Engineering Manager Leo Deegan recently took to the social network to announce that a "brand new version" of the site's Android app will be enabled over the coming days. The updated app is said to look very similar to the current one, but that it's also "the culmination of a complete rewrite of many core features using Google's latest Android app infrastructure which will allow our Android team to build new features on a modern tech stack."

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What does that mean for the end user? While the UI should remain mostly unchanged, Deegan says that there are improvements to scrolling and rendering, there's a new design for photo lightboxes, and there are tweaks to Google+'s comments (such as the ability for author's to see greyed-out spam comments).

Deegan notes that there are a couple known bugs, but as with all updates, these should be worked out soon. There's no specific timeframe as to when the update will drop and how it'll be released (either as an APK update or a server-side change), but even so, it's reassuring to see Google putting time and effort into the platform.

If you're a former Google+ user but have since moved to another social network, will these changes entice you to come back?