Google will soon break ground on its new Mountain View headquarters

Google Campus
Google Campus (Image credit: Google)

The Silicon Valley is as territorial as any empire and with Apple throwing its own fanfare in honor of itself with the nearly-completed construction (opens in new tab) of its space-like circular campus, Google is next with its own circus-like structure that's sure to cause a few passersby to do a double-take.

Google will soon have its own fascinating architecture on display at its Mountain View headquarters. The company has officially received approval from the city of Mountain View to construct the 595,000 square foot building. The structure will be nestled between some of the company's older buildings on its campus and Google I/O's latest home, the Shoreline Amphitheater. Ground will be officially broken in April and it's expected to be completed by 2019.

As Business Insider points out, the plans call for the removal of almost 200 trees from the building site. However, Google will plant new trees in place and incorporate plenty of green space to populate the common areas.

You can peruse through the entirety of the proposal at Mashable.

Florence Ion

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  • What a coincidence, so am I
  • Is it in an area pushing out more low income people from affordable housing again? San Francisco and its surroundings seems to be huge in class warfare
  • I looked at the site on Google Maps. Nope. Some poor displaced trees is about it.
  • The classes are not warring with one another. The poorer population are just being displaced.
  • Circus tent, maybe it'll have a bunch of clowns in there. Posted via the Android Central App