Google will let you view mobile versions of websites on Chromebooks

We need more Chrome tablets
We need more Chrome tablets (Image credit: Android Central)

Chrome OS has had a pretty big year in 2018, and looking back at it, the most notable change was undoubtedly the introduction of tablets for the operating system. First, there was the Acer Chromebook Tab 10, then the HP Chromebook X2, and now Google's own Pixel Slate.

Optimizations to Chrome OS to make it more touch-friendly are critical with this onslaught of tablets, and as the next step in this process, Google's confirmed that it's working on a feature that'll allow you to view websites in their mobile version.

In an interview with Android Police, Google Senior Product Manager for Chrome OS, Kan Liu, said the following:

In the upcoming release, we are also introducing "Request tablet site" in Chrome on Pixel Slate, and with more and more touchscreen devices out there we fully expect the web to continue evolving to be more touch-friendly as well.

One of the biggest upsides to Chrome OS is that it gives you access to the full desktop version of websites. This is incredibly useful when working on a device that has a laptop form factor, but when using a tablet, the experience isn't as great. By having the option to view mobile web pages, touch targets will be easier to get and performance should see a nice boost, too.

It's unclear when that "upcoming release" will be available, but here's to hoping it makes an appearance soon.

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Joe Maring

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