Google is currently looking for a customer phone support expert to manage a new Phone Support team for Android/Nexus One. Which means, yep, Customer Phone Support will finally be available to Nexus One users. To quote Google on the job responsibility of the Phone Support Program Manager:

[The position will be] responsible for ramping up and managing operations of Google’s telephone support for our direct-to-consumer Android/Nexus One customers.

The previous way of finding help regarding your Nexus One's problems (and oh there were problems) was to scathe through FAQs, tirelessly make forum posts, contact via e-mail, google it, and hope and pray for a solution. That's all fine and dandy when your product is a webapp that is free, simple and to the point but when you're actually dealing with complicated hardware that people paid a lot of money for, more in-depth customer support tends to be expected.

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At least, it looks like Google is willing to shore up its shortcoming and willing to take a step in the right direction. Hopefully, the Phone Support for the Nexus One will be worthwhile. In the meantime, if you need help, it might be fruitful to ask for help in the Nexus One forum in the Android Central Forums!

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