EVO 4G LTE's Google Wallet fix looks to be coming soon

If you own a HTC EVO 4G LTE on Sprint you are probably not happy knowing that you don't have any Google Wallet support at this time, and the most recent update didn't bring you any either. The listing for Google Wallet in the Google Play Store has been updated with an interesting tidbit of information for EVO 4G LTE owners, saying it will remain unavailable "until an OTA update in July." Well, it's July now! And for the next three weeks. So let's just throw one of those "coming soon" lines atcha and be confident that Google will live up to its word here.

Source: Google Play (opens in new tab); More: Android Central Forums

Jared DiPane
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  • I am confident Google will come through, they have too much going on right now so avoiding this negative feedback would only help them out. Ice
  • Could still be a Sprint issue and the OTA update on the 15th to enable the LTE will fix it.
  • There have been many reports of people using LTE in the areas that are getting it first. Why do they need an update to enable something that seems to already work for people in those areas?
  • There has been connectivity issues with LTE on the EVO. While it works, it doesn't stay connected consistently. It has been documented and tested over at s4gru
  • Intermittent connectivity yes. I live in DFW and know the network is up and running for testing purposes the antenna is actually across the street from my house but I cannot connect to it. I believe there will be an OTA update to remedy this and the wallet issue.
  • Figured it would be coming soon. People in the comments section of the app were talking class action and moving to an iPhone because of this. Seems a little extreme to me.
  • People are always saying they are moving to the iPhone but we all know that true Android users would never do that. They would never give up the luxury of open source and being able to do what you want with your phone.
  • yeah and I don't think moving to the iphone would fix their google wallet problems either.
  • Yeah, who uses Google Wallet anyways. Nerds, that's who.
  • That will be a nice plus for the person who buys my EVO 4G LTE off ebay later this week :p
  • The answer to this is my Evo 3D told me to wait until Sprint get on-screen button phones with NFC, and and not the capacitive crap these companies are pushing on us. Waiting for something like the Atrix HD to show up on Sprint.
  • New OTA update is now available and after updating I was able to open Google Wallet and add credit cards.
  • Sweet this must have just came out, I just checked mine and it's updating now. Will find out if Wallet works in a few min. Thanks for sharing
  • Updated about an hour ago and Google Wallet now loaded with my free $10 to get started. I am kind of excited to try this for the first time.