Google Voice updated to improve battery life

Google Voice just got a small update in the Android Market.  The changelog is short and sweet, telling us the update will improve battery usage, and keep the screen on while playing back voicemails.  Anytime we see the words improvement and battery in the same sentence we pay attention. And since Google Voice is probably the app we depend on most around here, we're glad to see it.  Keeping the screen on during voicemail playback is a handy fix as well, especially if you use a PIN, password, or pattern on your lock screen.

We'll have to see about these battery improvements, and there's only one way to tell.  Grab the update from the Android Market on your handset.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • You forgot to ad the ability to finally skip voice+sprint intergration!
  • Sweet about time they did some kind of update.
  • Here's my wish for Google Voice: My wife & I each have the same secondary Google account on both of our phones. We sync our family calendar to that & have a joint e-mail address going to both of our devices with that account. It would be GREAT if we could have the same Google Voice number on both of our phones which would then act as our home number & cause both of our cell phones to ring when someone called it.
  • That's... exactly what google voice can do. Set that up as a number, add both your cell phones to it, check the ring box by both of them. Very easy to do. You can only be signed in to one number at a time on the phone's voice client, but you can still receive calls on the shared line even if you're not signed in.
  • Sir? Indeed you and your wife can do that with up to 6 phones I believe maybe 5
  • rtm Like rubbin the genie's lamp and walking away dissatisfied..
  • What's wrong with the voice+sprint intergration?
  • It doesn't work on discounted accounts.
  • It doesn't work on discounted accounts.
  • The update is cool, but I'm still waiting to see if MMS will ever become a reality.
  • MMS and shortcodes.
  • I'd pay $3 a month for those features (I know, that sounds cheap...), but not having shortcodes sucks because I'm a freebie hunter, and many pizza shops use shortcode giveaways... a recent best buy gift card (free is the only price i'll pay there) was offered on shopkick but without shortcodes I can't even use it.
  • My screen already stays on during voicemail playback, unless I trigger the proximity sensor. Use of the proximity sensor was a long time coming; if they screwed that up I'll skip the update.
  • Tryed google voice with sprint. Cons out weigh the pros by 10 fold. SMS kidnapped and horrible conversation archive. No mms. Vm transcription not as good as youmail. And pushing answer/dialpad/1 just to answer a call is ridiculous. Can't even use my in car Bluetooth.
  • You can get rid of pressing 1 if you go to Google voice's settings internet page
  • Im not completely sure that mms is unusable. Granted my phone always has a hard time sending mms usually anyway, but I've still be able to receive mms just fine. I dont think it completely takes over your txt messaging capabilities, just simply integrates it with google voice. Although, I've been desperately trying to find the option to freaking CANCEL the stupid integration because of the constant "push 1 to answer call" thing. Yes we can all take it off, but I have it on for unknown numbers, and off for select people, but even so whenever my mother calls me, it still makes me press 1 to answer her even though she is listed as one of the people to NOT do that with... The integration was an amazing idea, just it has alot of flaws still... and those flaws, are down right annoying and makes me wish I never accepted the d*mn thing!
  • MMS support is absolutely needed. And an official Honeycomb version.
  • How about: Pressing the back button brings you to the list of voice mails.
    The ability to delete multiple messages
    The ability to move/organize multiple messages Hmmm....
  • I'm just glad that my face doesn't pause the message now.
  • For some reason after the update my battery seems to have gotten worst ....[EVO CM7 & Tiamat 4.0.5 sbc kernal]
  • A better widget would be a plus, one that would let us see multiple messages and not expand the current message when you click on it. Come on Google let's make a good service better.