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Google Voice now allows porting of your own phone number

It's something users have been wanting for quite some time now and yes; Google has finally made your dreams come true. You can now port your own, already existing number to Google Voice. The service will set you back $20 though but if you're a hardcore Google Voice user that's a rather small price to pay. Please do remember, porting your number to Google is just the same as quitting your carrier plan as you're taking the number out of the carriers system. Your carrier will charge any possible early termination fees that are associated with your account. Go ahead; have at it if you must. [Google Voice via Engadget]

Update: Rut roh, Raggy. Apparently Google was just testing this, and the porting page is gone. Sad Panda.

  • My buddy is off contract and dumping his AT&T and iPhone... he's switching to T-mobile and the G2. ;) Perfect for him, as he was planning on porting his number to T-mo anyway... he'll just have to make sure to adjust the settings on his app to make all calls through GV, or all outgoing calls will pop up with a number his friends don't recognize.
  • How would that work? Porting kills the plan, which means no data to use GV. Does Google expect us to get yet another plan & number for our cell data?
  • I guess you'd be locked into WiFi
  • You WOULD need to get a new mobile service plan. This is best for people when they're off contract and planning on switching carriers.
  • can someone explain the benefits? I'm a little lost here... I hate it when I make calls from GV and it picks a random phone number. Is that what this is?
  • Doing this would make it so that your google voice number is the phone number that you registered. So any outgoing calls with GV would come from this number, and if people called that number, they would get forwarded to wherever you forward your GV number. However, as they said, doing this will cancel your current number with your carrier, so in order to do this, you would either need to be switching carriers or get a new number on your current carrier.
  • This is mostly for people who have been giving out their cell phone number for years and want to use that same number as their Google Voice number. For example, when someone calls your cell phone number, your home or office phones also ring. Previously, Google Voice would assign you a new phone number and you would have to convince all your friends to switch to it. Now your old cell number becomes your GV number.
  • Does this also mean I can get rid of Vonage and port my home phone to Google Voice and save $50 a month?
  • "Please note: At this time we do not support land lines or corporate mobile numbers." My guess is no.. I could be mistaken though. I do that often.
  • I still don't understand all of the excitement over GV. Well, unless you don't really like to make calls. Maybe people like it as an answering service or really don't care about call quality?? The lag when using GV with even just one cell phone makes it very difficult to carry on a real conversation.
  • wtf you talking about? This may be your experience with it, but judging from comments for this article, here, phandroid, engadget, and giz it seems to be just fine for majority and myself included. I use it for international calling and even then the quality could not be better...well compared to regular calls anyway. Being able to use it for txt messaging or calling while you are in another country means if you got internet you can call around usa for free and txt for free. Yeah this service is horrible...
  • "The service will set you back $20 though but if you're a hardcore Google Voice user that's a rather small price to pay." No need to port a number, the hardcore Google Voice users have been giving out only their GV numbers for a long time now.
  • I don't think I've ever given out a Google voice number... I have however been giving out my GrandCentral number for years :) The main drawback for my when porting, is while all your incoming calls go to your various phones.. OUTGOING, when not using GV, show the cell phone #. Confuses the hell out of people. "Is this a new Number?" and forget about SMS coming in consistantly. Now as to why you wouldn't want to use GV to call out, simple, for Sprint users.. All sprint plans come with AnyMobile, meaning you call any cell phone from your cell phone regardless of carrier, and it's free 24/7. Using a GV # as your outbound shows up as if you're calling from a land line in their system, so it eats minutes.
  • Haha literally a week after i started giving out my GV number and telling people my number changed. I am off contract too. Oh well. Ill keep my $20.
  • I have friends on different continents, so long distance prices are nice when Skype isn't convenient. Also, GV texting reduced my texting plan. That's mainly what I use it for.
  • reading these posts i have the feeling some people are using google voice wrong :\ i dial out from my cell and my google voice number shows up to the caller i am calling, i have told everyone that was my new number. ive never had any consistent call quality issues with google voice and not sure what the one person is referring to as lag... if you do get a bad call you can rate its quality from the google voice website in past calls i primarily use mine to forward to either my gizmo5 voip number or my cell number. Since gingerbread ive been using the built in voip dialer for internet calls for instances when im in a low reception area but have strong wifi(home/work). i use the app gv callback for when i want to call out over the voip.
  • I really hope they add this back soon. It's very ideal for me, I have a iphone 4 that my job gave me and a personal blackberry. The blackberry has become useless for me, but I don't cancel because I don't want to give friends and family my work number. I could cancel my personal line and save money while at this job, then if I ever have to quit, then just port my number back to sprint. WINNER!
  • I get a lot of wrong numbers on my cell phone. I tend to think it might be due to Google Voice.