Google updates gmail Web app

When Google thinks mobile, it thinks more than just Android. And that's evident by a recent update to the gmail Web app. The biggest new feature is that the address view has been redesigned, expanding so that you can actually see who you're sending a message to. Other improvements:

  • Remove the contact you just added by tapping Backspace.
  • Press the '+' button to see your top contacts, or hide them by pressing the '–' button.
  • If for some reason autocomplete fails you and the person you are trying to reach is a Gmail user, just type their Gmail username and a comma, and we'll take care of the pesky @ sign and the rest (so [hikingfan] becomes [].)
  • The page now fills the entire screen, giving you more space to see what you're writing.

Take a look for yourself at gmail in your Android browser. [Google Mobile blog]

Phil Nickinson