Google updates gmail Web app

When Google thinks mobile, it thinks more than just Android. And that's evident by a recent update to the gmail Web app. The biggest new feature is that the address view has been redesigned, expanding so that you can actually see who you're sending a message to. Other improvements:

  • Remove the contact you just added by tapping Backspace.
  • Press the '+' button to see your top contacts, or hide them by pressing the '–' button.
  • If for some reason autocomplete fails you and the person you are trying to reach is a Gmail user, just type their Gmail username and a comma, and we'll take care of the pesky @ sign and the rest (so [hikingfan] becomes [].)
  • The page now fills the entire screen, giving you more space to see what you're writing.

Take a look for yourself at gmail in your Android browser. [Google Mobile blog]

  • That's kinda nice. I hope they update the Android client similarly. It's kinda bland and not really aesthetically appealing.
  • This is great. Just replaced the shortcut to the gmail app with a bookmark to the mobile site.
  • Still no support to select which email address you want to send from if you have multiple addresses linked to one account. Rather disappointing...It doesn't even reply from the address an email was sent to (just uses the default one). I can't imagine how frustrating this would be for people running a business.
  • Seems to me like Google should be updating the gmail app on the phones instead of worrying about the mobile site via the browser.
  • They need to fix the Stock GMAIL app. it doesnt sync well... AT ALL. they should be worried bout that instead of how pretty the mobile site looks.
  • but if they improve the mobile site, it keeps users of many platforms using their services. but it would be nice to give the app some love as well