Google unveils 'News near you' -- location tracking still optional

Google is introducing a new, browser-based feature for everyone who reads news using a mobile device. The service is called "News near you" and it's accessible if you direct your mobile browser to Google's news page.

Google says it analyzes every word in every story to determine both the story's location and source, and then files it appropriately and serves it back to you depending on where you are. If you don't want to share your location, there's an opt-in message the first time you land on Google News.

Anyone think they'll be taking advantage of this? I get most of my local news from the evening news, but does anyone see this replacing that for them? Sound off and let us know how accurate the city placement is once you've opted-in.

Source: The Google Mobile Blog

  • Tech news is all I care about. All the rest is just depressing. People killing or getting killed. Politicians being as crazy as ever. Android Central is the only news source for me... more at 11.
  • Agreed about local news - it sucks; so, I don't pay attention to it.
  • I wonder if this includes articles from AOL-owned, the new "hyper-local" news source. Seems like it should...
  • If you deny the request to know your current location when it pops up, it is pretty difficult to go back and get this working again. First you have to clear location permissions from all web sites, (there is no selective clearing that I could find). Then you have to go back into your browser and accept the location sharing request again. Then edit your sections (scroll way down), and add this Near Me section. (I actually had to do this twice to get it to take). Then wait. Seems that unless you are sitting in a big city, you may not get any "Near Me" news for a while. But when I picked up the phone 10 minutes later it did show some fairly localized news for the small town I was in at the time. Now a road trip is in order to see how well this follows me. (And yes, just in case you were wondering, I have pretty much sold my privacy to google.)
  • I just follow my local news on twitter.