Google announces first partners for its "Glass at Work" program

Google Glass is getting down to business with a new program called Glass at Work. They're now certifying enterprise partners and their tailored solutions. The first batch includes APX Labs, which is making a business workflow solution, AugMedix and their patient data software, CrowdOptic, which is working on a multi-user broadcast app, and others.

Use in the medical industry seems to be the strongest use case for Glass, and it's easy to imagine why. There's a ton of important information that a doctor needs access to immediately, while they're on the move, and often when their hands are full. It's great seeing Explorers out there testing out all sorts of ways Glass can be used, but scenarios like medicine are no-brainers, and should provide a strong enterprise audience even if usage by everyday consumers gets

Anyone interested in getting involved, either as a developer or a business, can check out the Glass at Work landing page here that has more information on partners and tools. How many of you guys see yourself using Glass at work? Are you using it already?

Source: Google Glass