Google announces first partners for its "Glass at Work" program

Google Glass is getting down to business with a new program called Glass at Work. They're now certifying enterprise partners and their tailored solutions. The first batch includes APX Labs, which is making a business workflow solution, AugMedix and their patient data software, CrowdOptic, which is working on a multi-user broadcast app, and others.

Use in the medical industry seems to be the strongest use case for Glass, and it's easy to imagine why. There's a ton of important information that a doctor needs access to immediately, while they're on the move, and often when their hands are full. It's great seeing Explorers out there testing out all sorts of ways Glass can be used, but scenarios like medicine are no-brainers, and should provide a strong enterprise audience even if usage by everyday consumers gets

Anyone interested in getting involved, either as a developer or a business, can check out the Glass at Work landing page here that has more information on partners and tools. How many of you guys see yourself using Glass at work? Are you using it already?

Source: Google Glass

Simon Sage
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  • These will definitely be useful in the medical field. Pretty sure that the glasses will be outfitted with custom software and won't go through Google's servers though. Posted via Android Central App
  • Most likely, any software that's using patient data won't be routing that data through Google, but I wouldn't have expected that to begin with because Google won't have that data. It's not like all data that Glass displays goes through some Google server some where. How the data is retrieved and delivered depends on how the app is written.
  • But then that destroys the point of Glass in Google's case if any incoming data doesn't come through their servers. It's just like Amazon forking Android. Posted via Android Central App
  • Not all data that goes to your phone goes through Google's servers. This is nothing like forking, it's just using an app. Posted via Android Central App
  • You wouldn't want a doctor taking pics of you while unconscious and having them go through google's servers. Say no to Glass.
  • A) They don't need Glass to take pictures of your tiny junk.
    B) They wouldn't.
  • Are you high? Because you seem pretty paranoid without reason.
  • I applied. Could really use these in my research lab. Oh well, maybe next time :/
  • I could see this being useful in sales and customer service if the facial recognition software works. Walking up to a customer and having all their information /social background and past sales history available would be awesome. Posted via Android Central App
  • These things might prove useful in the coming military state.
  • Or the neo-anarchist Libertarian state. Posted via Android Central App
  • It could be very useful for hospitals in the UK too but data going anywhere near US servers is a complete nono.
    Our information governance rules are so tight that it would make your eye water. And they are a good idea too!
    To be fair, it's not just US servers that are unsuitable. It's just that if Glass won't work without them, end of story.
    The are loads of uses for them. Seeing test results while you work with the patient, their notes, details about a problem before the doctor gets there and even just reminders of where they have to be.
    I bet some doctors could find a whole load of uses for them. No need for recording or photographs though. That would have to be generally disabled.
    Posted via Android Central App