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What you need to know

  • Google Stadia is a game streaming service that utilizes the cloud.
  • The Founder's Edition launches on November 19th.
  • During an AMA, a Google employee revealed that existing Chromecast Ultras won't work with Stadia at launch.

Google's Stadia situation keeps going from bad to worse. First there were complaints that people who ordered it wouldn't be getting their Founder's Editions until a few days after it launched, and now an AMA on Reddit has revealed that people won't even be able to use their existing Chromecast Ultras with Stadia upon release. They'll need to wait for a firmware update.

Reddit user livenetwork asked whether or not current Chromecast Ultra devices would receive the firmware update to play Stadia on November 19th or if they'd need to use the Chromecast Ultra shipped with the Founder's Edition, and the reply was concerning.

Andrey Doronichev, Director of Product for Stadia, said, "On Day 1 you should use the Chromecast Ultra that came in your bundle. It has the latest firmware. We will be updating the existing CC Ultra's over the air soon after launch."

That's... not instilling any confidence in the service for anyone on the fence.

"Soon after launch" could mean any number of things. We don't know whether this will mean a few hours or a few days, but given that some people won't even receive their package for a few days until after launch and Doronichev is encouraging that Reddit user to use the Chromecast Ultra that comes with Stadia, it doesn't sound promising.

Everything you need

Stadia Founder's Edition

Stadia Founder's Edition

A good way to start

This bundle includes everything you need to get started with Google Stadia. It includes the controller, Chromecast Ultra, Destiny 2, and three months of the Stadia Pro subscription for you and a friend. It's a great way to begin your game streaming journey

Pick up the parts

Chromecast Ultra

Chromecast Ultra

HD streaming

You can buy everything together or you can get just the basics for Google Stadia. The Chromecast Ultra is available to purchase now and lets you stream 4K TV as well as play games when Stadia launches in November.

All you need

Stadia controller

Google Stadia controller

A firm grip on what's needed

The Stadia controller is all you need to use Google Stadia if you already have the Chromecast Ultra. You can also use it on your other devices too. Get the Wasabi colored one, it's gorgeous.

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