Google Stadia is coming to iOS as web app, giving free Premiere kits for buying Cyberpunk 2077

Google Stadia Controller
Google Stadia Controller (Image credit: Google)

What you need to know

  • Google Stadia is a maturing game streaming platform available on the web and Android devices.
  • Stadia has struggled to find its way onto iOS, with Apple's stringent platform policies denying game streaming platforms.
  • Google is reportedly bringing Stadia to iOS as a web app, with testing to begin in the coming weeks.
  • Google is also giving players free Stadia Premiere kits, if you pre-order or purchase Cyberpunk 2077 on Stadia before December 17.

Google Stadia is doing everything it can to mature into a viable game streaming platform for longterm growth, but one of the biggest hurdles standing in its way (and in the way of its closest competitor, Xbox Cloud Gaming (Project xCloud)) is how Apple does not allow Stadia on iOS. In order to skirt this issue, Google has reportedly been working on a Progressive Web App (PWA) for Stadia, according to the Verge, which will begin testing on Safari in the coming weeks. This is a similar solution to what Stadia's competitors are doing to skirt iOS's strict policies, but Stadia might be able to beat Microsoft and Xbox Cloud Gaming to iOS through the web. NVIDIA GeForce Now has just come to iOS as a web app.

Not only is Stadia working to come to iOS, and massively expand the available pool of potential customers, but they're also running an aggressive promotion with Cyberpunk 2077, according to the Verge, that gives anyone who pre-orders the game before launch on December 10, or purchases it after launch until December 17 through Google Stadia, a free Stadia Premiere kit, which includes a Stadia wireless controller, a Chromecast Ultra, and a one-month trial to Stadia Pro. Stadia Pro includes discounts on existing games, a growing pool of free titles, and up to 4K resolution with streams, for a monthly subscription.

You don't need to be subscribed to Google Stadia to purchase Cyberpunk 2077 through the platform, but you will need to have an account. Once you've pre-ordered or purchased the game, Google will send you an email to redeem for your free Stadia Premiere kit. This promotion lasts until December 17, 2020, or while supplies last.

If you're looking for the latest on Cyberpunk 2077, the last episode of Night City Wire concluded earlier today, and shared a ton of new trailers and information about Cyberpunk 2077. If you're looking to use Stadia on iOS when the web app arrives, or use Stadia as your main source of Cyberpunk 2077-action, consider one of the Best Wireless Controllers for Stadia to ensure a seamless and comfortable experience.

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