Google Shopper app reaches its expiration date Aug. 30

Google Shopper, an app with over 10 million downloads that set out to help consumers find product information as well as organize shopping lists that were sharable with friends, is being shut down on Aug. 30. "Building a seamless shopping experience across all devices" is Google's reasoning behind the shut down, as they push for use of other products.

Shopper users are being directed towards other Google services to replace the Google Shopper functionalities, such as Google's search page, the Google Search app, and While these services do not offer a complete replacement for Google Shopper, they will allow users to compare prices, shop on mobile devices, find local products and reviews, and view product photos.

It seems consolidation is the theme around Mountain View lately.

Source: Google Commerce

  • And the house cleaning continues. Posted via Android Central App
  • Would it be safe to say that you can determine apps that will be dropped in the future by finding the ones with old or outdated logos?
  • I had no idea this app existed. The web interface has been adequate. Posted via Android Central App
  • eryoThe web interface does not provide barcode scanning which is the main purpose to have it on the phone in the first place. Google wants to be Microsoft and has stopped being the forward thinking industry leader that wants to make life easier. They have done nothing to keep customers and loyal fans of their products. Just saying the web interface will suffice when it clearly does not is poor business practice. Why should anyone use or recommend any Google product going forward? Like a product and use it regularly? Brand loyalty means nothing to the new Google and that's just sad for everyone because they used to be a company that cared until they sold out. I have uninstalled all my Google apps and replaced them with alternatives.
  • Good, now I won't feel guilty of not having that app. I tend to download everything from Google, but this one has never used. My two cents, Google Goggles is next...
  • +1
  • I honestly don't think Goggles will get shut down just yet. Once Glass is released to the public, then I think Goggles will get shut down.
  • I hope Goggles isn't next, but you are probably right.
  • If the trend follows then you are right. Say goodbye to all your Google apps that don't have mass appeal. It doesn't matter if they work and are helpful as evident by shopper shut down. Reader, SMS, iGoogle, and Shopper were very popular and used daily by millions but didn't bring in the revenue Google millionaire VPs thought they should. Even the web interface has changed and only paying merchant subscribers will be displayed in the results, that is not an effective and fair method to comparison shop. Greed again wins over innovation and that is why we are still stuck earthbound when the universe is calling. I am no longer a Google fan nor promoter (I would be an idiot to recommend anything Google) and I myself will be finding alternatives to Google products before this company continues its bad business and yanks the carpet out from under me yet again.
  • I'm actually hoping this would help Google to bring more support to Google Goggles and bringing some kind of checking in on Maps after Latitude was removed. Now only way to do any check-ins is to "Share" on Google+. Why not make it simpler?
  • Google Inc. should STOP introducing so many new services just to terminate few years later. This will not only hurt the consumer confidence, but also investor confidence. At this rate Google many discontinue Android OS third party companies like Samsung tomorrow morning. Who know what crack heads at Google is thinking right now!
  • I respectfully disagree. They are champions at trying out services that people are clamoring for and seeing if they can incorporate the user base into their larger picture/direction. This one, obviously, doesn't fit with their goals. That said, I don't like that it's going away, but we'll see how this turns out.
  • How will I scan barcodes to get to Google's Shopping results?
  • Guessing a new feature in google now for barcode scanner? Good point though
  • I would *like this*, actually.
  • Like This?
  • Google Now did include barcode scanning, but it was removed. I wonder when they will reintroduce it again.
  • I've been looking for it. I used that all the time to check prices online when I am at a store. I have been trying to figure out how to find it. So it was removed? That sucks!
  • Barcode scanning was my first thought also. Admittedly, this is the only feature I used with the Shopper app. Posted via Android Central App
  • Stupid app is baked into firmware on the E4GLTE, can only uninstall updates. Lame.
  • Root and remove it. Problem solved. Problem staying solved. Dark mode, bitch!
  • I know I know...still haven't taken the plunge yet. Gonna pick up a new phone soon, and maybe keep this around to play around with rooting etc. Still annoying though, maybe HTC will put out an update and release it from being baked in, or just delete it altogether.
  • Next 3 products to be cancelled: 1. Google Googles is next (unless Glass saves it before Glass itself is cancelled)
    2. Google Offers
    3. Google Glass (Google will give up on this one due to "privacy concerns" which will be a politically correct made-up exuse to earn them brownie points with the privacy hawks)
  • Google Glass isn't going away any time soon. If paired with proper app restrictions, there's a huge commercial benefit from having data displayed hands free in real time right in front of your face. Think medical field, supply chain, field engineering, you name it. Heck in a couple years they'll be renting low end ones out at museums for 5 bucks. Posted via Android Central App
  • Yes to 1 and 2. Google Glass though? No way is that going anywhere. Wearable computing is going to be huge, and in this space Google is way out in front of the pack. I will concede that the form factor and software might go through some generational changes before it's exactly commonplace, but this is a product that is not going to just die on the vine. Just think of all the additional data Google will be able to collect and analyze (that we will freely relinquish for being able to search and chat without pulling our phones out.)
  • This app is baked into my device... With that said my device is almost a month old so it's getting close to that time anyway... I must root you. Posted From my HTC One running PlayBook 3.0 via Android Central App
  • First Google app being decommissioned that I'll miss. Didn't use it all of the time, but it was a great app to quickly locate the lowest price for a given product. I have faith they'll incorporate the functionality somewhere else (most likely G+...)
  • +1 Posted via Android Central App
  • Ok, which of these options lets me take a picture of the UPC code to comparison shop?
  • Google Goggles does you retard. It scans barcodes and then gives you the option to search.
  • Didn't Google move all it's shopping (both the Shopper and web search) go to a strictly pay for access model? Meaning the only results that show up are from companies who pay to be listed. For me, this app was dead before Google killed it.
  • Google has chosen greed over innovation. ( They are following the Microsoft business model, which as we all know has worked so well for Microsoft) If you use any Google app that's not mainstream like search, now, maps, and gmail then beware because those are the only ones Google cares about and in the end will keep. They may incorporate some of the other apps functions into their mainstream products but only when there is a buck to be made or a competitor could gain control. Gone away is the cutting edge useful company we have known Google to be. Where will the next innovated company come from now that Google has sold out?
  • The only people Google is hurting by shutting down all these apps used by "tens of millions daily" are loyal users and Google supporters and in the end that will hurt Google.