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Google seeking a Tech Account Manager with NFC experience

Google has posted a job opening for a Technical Account Manager, and part of the qualifications call for experience with NFC/RFID technology.  The job description states the person hired will be responsible for the success of Google's "largest partnerships in the Mobile Commerce space."  We've already heard about plans for global domination a partnership with PayPal that would use NFC for payment options in the second half of 2011, and PayPal would certainly qualify as a large partner in Google's mobile commerce space if and when it happens.

Currently the only mainstream smartphone in the US with NFC capability is the Nexus S (see our hands on with NFC here), but we've heard rumors that soon Apple and RIM will join the party, making NFC a popular option once it's in more hands.  As Phil pointed out last week, none of the phones announced at CES 2011 have NFC built in, so we have wait for Mobile World Congress and CTIA to see what manufacturers have planned to keep up with the fast pace of smartphone tech. [Google via]

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

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  • Yeah, the fact that none of the CES devices had NFC makes me think it isn't going to be as huge in 2011 as purple thought. That is until Apple releases an iPhone 5 with NFC lol :/
  • Shouldn't this person have already been hired?
  • The engineers are already in place, and the hardware is working. This is more a manager/take people out to dinner/make big customers like PayPal happy kind of position. When I last worked in corporate America, we called them fluffers :p
  • I know this isn't really on the radar of most of the writers and readers of this site, but in Japan, there is already purvasive use of RFID tech in phones. I don't know how much this differs from what Google is working on, but if they really wanted to sell the world on this idea, they should show videos of people using their phones in Japan. There are a handfull of android phones released for the Japanese market by sharp, and Toshiba that include those features that most of the Japanese costumers have come to expect: mobile TV, IR blaster (for sending contact info and other data) osaifu keitai (RFID chip for mobile payments). The Galapagos and Lynx phones by Sharp even have glasses free 3D screens. I got a bit off topic there... well, I wouln't be very surprised if Google hired someone familier with Japan's osaifu keitai system.